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July 13, 2015 - 1846

Walmart vs Target

Many are mislead by the sophisticated marketing strategy that Target puts forth, but the reality is that Walmart treats their employees better.  When we think of Walmart a lot of times we think of the elderly greeter at the door or the disabled sales associate working on the floor.  The reason you wouldn’t see this at Target is because productivity is the key success driver!  Very few people who work at Target will ever retire from the company because they won’t be able to meet company demands.  It is a business model of attrition that is forced if it naturally doesn’t occur! In the Ten years I worked for Target I didn’t know a single person that made it to retirement at all levels.  One woman made it to 58 at the ETL level but was forced out before her retirement date.  The very people that built this company from the ground up are being replace at an alarming rate.  There is no loyalty to the dedicated persons how have suffered in silence for years.  Targets anti-Union propaganda is woven deeply into the culture to create an unbalanced approach to business.  When you consider the corporate giant competitor Walmart there is a drastic difference.  Walmart allows their employees to unionize and will hire almost anyone.  They do not have the best customer service but who really goes to Walmart for service.  It’s the price!  Walmart may not have as talented people working for their corporation, but the expectations are attainable.  If a disabled or elderly person can do the job anyone can work for Walmart if they are willing to work.  When deciding were to shop consider the company and their impact on the economy and unemployment.  There is a reason way Canada would support the ruthless tactics of Target Corporation invading a culture they don’t belong in.


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  • viciousdave says:

    I agree. I remember the Walmart comercials in proving there prices were better than Cub, Rainbow, and Target and how much you save vs. them. I also like the fact that even though it seems kind of crule at first, they display in workers area rooms the offers of welfare and food stamps. Also that they take disabled people. Target has displays in there room also as I'm an employee there, and it says we follow MN state laws as we have to, no discrimination against race, ethincity, disabily. Labor law code MN. But really Walmart helps more. But overall Walmart and Target CEOs are rich bastards who both get away with not having to pay the right amount of taxes.

  • Silverfox says:

    Think again Walmart has the same anti union crap. it's only costco that does this. Are you thinking of costco by any chance? Walmart only let it's stores in china unionize because the chinese government wouldn't let them open their doors otherwise and walmart was drooling at the thought of billions of poor folks shopping at walmart Walmart has been known to close down stores that have unioinized and build a new one nearby. Wlamart had to be ruled by the quebec provincial government and forced to allow their meat cutters in one of their stores to unionize. As far as i'm concerned they're just both as bad. Are you a walmart paid social media person hired to make walmart look good? Your boss fed the wrong info to you, The difference is that we know walmart treats people like shit and are prepared for it. They don't pretend otherwise. Target on the other hand pretend they don't do what walmart does but in reality do it as well.

    And in the Canadian walmart vs target battle. Target lost badly. Canadian incumbent loblaws with their version of walmart wasn't backing down either. Regional chains weren't backing down either. Fought hard too. Although that ended with target owing .two of it's competitors money lol. At least that's what target claims. In an all out battle. Target lost.

  • RedCardFairy says:

    They both suck! And it's a race to the bottom. You are pretty much scraping the bottom of the barrel when you set the bar at Walmart.

  • redcardkillz says:

    I have to say that Walmart is better then Target when it comes to management. They're always like three steps ahead of Target. Walmart has their own gas station, they had the security chip on their cards way before we have (Target still at this point haven't put the chips on yet but are in the process), they advertise their credit card better and I bet if worked over there I ask everyone costumer about Walmarts card ( they could save $25 on a $75 purchase when they first apply) I could get a lot of people to apply. They don't even ask if you want to apply for their card and I would know cuz I frequently shop there for that reason of not being harassed about a stupid card. Also I don't have to look at ridiculous deals of buying four products of shampoo for a five dollar gift card.


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