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January 17, 2017 - FlagshipBS

“VML?…” nothing is visually appealing at Target

What a fucking joke of a title.

Ive worked in retail a LONG time, have tons of management experience and have had my own stores. Left high end retail doing visual merchandising in hopes of having to be less of a babysitter and still be able to do things I enjoy…

Big mistake.

Half of the time in my first two months, I couldn’t get into the building because my badge didn’t work.

I had strep throat and a sinus infection at the same time. Missed work, they made no big deal about it. Said if I was sick anymore in my first 90 days, to provide doctors notes. I asked if they wanted them from the visit I had already, was told “no.” (You can’t be around people until 24 hours after you start antibiotics for strep, by the way…)

The ETL I spoke to when I called in said “I’m just gonna be honest, this will be the second day you’ve missed and you haven’t even been here that long, so…” I replied “I’m sick and contagious, so…”

I’m sat down a few days before Christmas and told I’m being let go because my attendance. I was told things like “we have a business to run.”

Had my being a few minutes late brought up and it didn’t matter that no one let me in when I called because of my broken ass badge…

Left a job of 4 years. To work for fucking Target.

Good way to start the new year.


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  • WeNeedJesus says:

    I'm sorry to be honest but that was a pretty stupid idea to leave your old job for Target. Always check employee satisfaction before. Their are websites for that.

  • MrSharkNasty says:

    Employees only real way to protect themselves it to document document document and document some more. You should have insisted they took that doctors note and put it on record. You should have also insisted the times you were late do to the fact the key wouldn't work be put on record. You should have as well found two witness to such event. You should have logged the date and time and told them to check security footage. Either way the first 90-days is the most likely time frame an employer will fire you. It's normally called a probationary period and you need to be near prefect in that time frame. Getting sick is just bad luck. If you play a roll in the grocery or selling of food at Target you should verify you state law of being sick and working with such products. Most states have strict laws regarding being sick and working around food. If Target was trying to force you to do so you could easily get them violated for that.


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