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February 10, 2014 - jay20

Very Unappreciated

I started out at target as a guy just trying to move my way up as hardlines team member in 2010. I was promoted to GSA, demoted from GSA and now working as a backroom team member all in the amount of 3 years and 11 months. I was great team hero and a trainer within my first year and I liked my job. Everything was looking up at this place until they made it clear that they don’t care very much about hard working employees. We soon got a few new hardlines team members that I had to train to initiate them into the team and our team was green the whole time I was in that workcenter. I lead the zones and always made sure that we finished our job 100% before we left and on time. Sounds like everything is going the way it should right?

Six more months go by and the hardlines team lead position opens up. I apply, speak to my ETL and Senior TL. They know that I took initiative and how well I lead the team, however, they decided to promote one of the newer team member that I trained even though I was the one responsible for all leadership and was the most knowledgeable person on the team. I confronted my leaders about the way I was being treated and the fact that I do all of the dirty work while our so called new leader sat in clerical or walked around telling people what to do. Guess what happens? I nearly get terminated for not getting along with team leads, but instead I became GSA. Sounds funny and good at the same time, but it only gets worse.

Once promoted, the front end team was very happy to have me up there because they knew that with my leadership and store knowledge, I would do great. All was great until my ETL and other leaders were promoted and off to different stores. We end up with a new GSTL and a ETL GE. Our GSTL is not only a perfectionist, but soon found out that she is very biased and not fair to guys just like most of the other leaders in the store and probably the reason why we have only one male team lead out of all departments. Men get all the coachings and the females get the promtions regardless of the work they do at my store. Although I got along with most people up front, It started to become just like how it was on the sales floor with me leading the team during the toughest work times and others going through the motions. My GSTL gets promoted to Senior GSTL while I’m stuck making 9.44 after 2 1/2 years. I highly recommend nobody becoming a GSA because all you do is GSTL work, plus more and less pay and more stress. My GSTL would schedule herself through the weekdays and all GSA’s had to work throughout the whole schedule and never get weekends off. After a few months pass, team members in the front end and some other workcenters all realized how much of a bitch she really was. In September of last year, they demote me because I didn’t “lead” the team the way they wanted me to and I didn’t hassle them all day about opening redcards. That’s all I heard throughout the day is “How many redcards are we at?” That leads me to tell you about backroom.

At this point, I’m for once at a position that I am highly unfamiliar about because it is the only position I hardly worked. My leaders in that area expected me to be as speedy and accurate as the team members that have been working back there for a long time and give me shit about every little mistake. I own up to all of my mistakes, but my main concern is the fact that target gives little to no training. I learned how to work the crown and wave by myself even though my leader made me sign off my training. I was hired as backroom day, but started getting scheduled for all odd hours of the day. One minute I’m 12-8 pm then I have to turn around and be at 4:15 am the next day leaving me with little to no sleep. With that said, I’m already in a bad mood going to work in the morning, then my leader had the nerve to call me out over the intercomm in front of all the team member for being like 2 minutes past my 15 minute break. She basically embarrassed me in front of everybody. Let me remind you, the 4 am team gets their breaks called over the intercomm and I thought I was accurate on when I should be back. I am far beyond fed up and close to doing something drastic.

To conclude, Target does not care about their team members, they are just money hungry hounds using team members as slaves. Not everybody experiences this, but I know it happens. I will never kiss up to them and they know it. That is the reason why it’s hard to grow within this joke of a company.





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