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December 10, 2014 - justwhy

Unrealistic Expectations

I’ve been working at Target for about a month now. I liked it at first and by at first I mean the two days of orientation. Most of the employees are rude and think they can do whatever they want because they’re “veterans”. Doing whatever they want includes: standing around rather than helping customers, texting on the job, there’s even a girl who is in a relationship with the electronics guy and they were chasing each other around the stationary aisle and making out…wtf!! Don’t you dare ask anyone a question because they will look at you like you’re some stupid person.

Don’t even get me started on the LOD’s and ETL’s. I will say that there are two very nice and helpful ones but the rest……SERIOUSLY!! One of the LOD’s was having a friendly competition with another one and that meant trying to push one of us new employees to sign up for a redcard in order to look good. They talk crap about customers behind their backs and not only that they probably talk about the employees too. They’re expectations are extremely unrealistic as well. I worked an afternoon shift on a sunday and was told I would zoning and doing go-backs for seasonal. From the moment I stepped on the floor the LOD asked me to go do backup at the front lanes and when I was done with that to go cover for the person doing toys and stationary as they were on their lunch, okay cool. Once there I was flooded with guests, most of them very irritable and defensive. I got yelled at at least 3 times because my store didn’t have the toy that they wanted….which isn’t my fault AT ALL. Then LOD tells me to move onto domestics since there’s some go-backs for that section but also not to forget that I am in seasonal for my shift.



Employee Experience


  • fuktarget says:

    Oh they most certainly talk about employees behind their backs. No probably about it.

    • trashtalk says:

      They do it causally and also in scheduled meetings - identify your top and bottom performers. Staff are watched all the time, our STL watches the security tape in AP office every morning to check on the night before. You are watched and evaluated and the stores are like a small town, everybody knows your business.

  • viciousdave says:

    I report inapropriate work behavior at my job and have constantly done so, they have had me in back room several times of the bosses rooms you know next to front doors, those ones, meetings of why have you told corporate about this and this. That's bad for business. Hmm, seems bad for business yeah, exactly, cause you don't do anything to help with it so I tell corporate head quarters that these two were kissing on the job and TLs are slacking off and not helping when needed, and GSTLs are not coming to lanes when they need to. No one's at guest service, we got 4 waiting. Hello? No one's helping the cashier down there, yet there's a GSTL right at lane 10 just down there doing nothing just standing there not helping. I'm on 16 and got nobody so I go help the person on 20. GSTL yells at me for leaving my post. Well excuse me your hiness but you didn't do your job so I took the integrity to help out our newest cashier as I am a well fitted long time team member who knows everything in cashiering and helping others. Yeah but your not suppose to leave your lane. Blah blah blah. I'm a helper of all the new people and they enjoy me helping them know all the tasks and help they can give to the guests. I'm like the team caption yet I remain just a cashier normal full time guy.


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