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November 10, 2018 - formerloyalcustomer

Unjustly Fired

Been debating whether or not to post about my experience for a while but I can’t stay silent.

In early August I interviewed twice and was offered a cashier position, as a loyal Target customer I was quite excited. I was told during orientation that in a month and a half when my schedule needed to be changed for college it wouldn’t be a problem at all, just submit a request two weeks in advance.

I was constantly exhausted in the month and a half working there, my leader was an absolute jerk, his little sister worked there and she was horrible too, and he always took her side. Two weeks prior to my schedule changing for college I went in and put in a request for my schedule change, told the HR leader and she told me she would go in and approve it that day.

The following week the schedule came out and I was scheduled for all morning and afternoon shifts during my first week of college and my schedule availability request was automatically denied because no one went in to approve it. I quickly went in and talked to my leader about it, he told me the shifts were my responsibility not his, that I needed to have it covered or come in. I then talked to HR about it and the lady told me that it was fine, to put it online for others to cover it but if no one can cover it then she knows why I’m not there and I won’t be expected to come in.

I put in my schedule availability again and finally got it approved but it wouldn’t start until my third week of college because of my boss, I specifically told him I cannot work any morning or afternoon shifts starting ASAP. Couple days later the schedule for my second week of college comes out and he put me for all morning and afternoon shifts after I already talked to him multiple times that I can’t work then. I put them online and tell him and HR that I cannot come in for morning and afternoon because of college, again I am told that I will not be expected to come in if no one can cover it, don’t worry about it, they know why I’m not there and I won’t get in trouble for not showing up. I check in with them multiple times before I take the two weeks off for college since I can’t come in for any of the shifts during those two weeks, I also tell both of my other sales leads about the situation and they said they knew and understood.

Well the two weeks of college end and I have the flu, I have saved up sick hours (can’t punish you for sick hours in my state), I call that Saturday and tell them I have the flu and want to use sick hours, they redirect me to the store leader.

She tells me that I had been fired a few days prior. That I didn’t show up for my shifts and that nobody knew why I wasn’t there, my leader said he had no clue why I wouldn’t show up, my leads say they don’t know either, no one in HR said they knew why I didn’t show up, so they fired me. I explain everything that happened and she said that I needed to show up or call in, but with that many shifts that even if I called in I would’ve been fired for calling in so many times in a row.

I’m a college student and I was expected to show up for work instead of my classes that I’m paying thousands of dollars for. I didn’t call in for any of the shifts because not once in any of these conversations with leads and leaders was I told to if no one could cover, only to find out that with the amount of days I would’ve had to call in for I would’ve been fired anyway. She also said I had attendance issues before that, which I had never been late or left early, I missed only one shift prior and that’s because I couldn’t stop crying since it had been exactly one month since my biological mom had passed away and I was upset.

I definitely was unjustly (and likely illegally) fired, and I can’t stay silent about the mistreatment of employees anymore. There are so many other messed up things going on at the Target I worked at other than this, but this makes me livid.


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  • MrSharkNasty says:

    Yep this is exactly how Target behaved at my store. Unfortunately without documentation or witnesses you will have a tough time holding them accountable. Every time you spoke with that HR person you should have requested it in writing and have it signed by a witness. Sure they would looked at you like you're nuts, but now you know from experience this must be done. Hopefully you do this moving forward at all the places you work. Target told me a lot of things when they hired me, but after a couple months it was obvious it was all BS. They like to say things then "conveniently forget about it," if they don't like you they are more likely to "conveniently forget about it." It doesn't matter if you're a great worker all that matters is if they like you or not. The lowlife scum that leads those stores obviously didn't like you and saw this as an opportunity to have a reason to dismiss you.

  • ElSnowman says:

    This is pretty much how it's going for me. I was told I would be doing 15 - 20 hours and I said that my availability would at max be 25 hours since I'm a full time student. Now I'm being scheduled for 35+ hour weeks and my schooling is really suffering. I got a 7 consecutive day schedule totalling 42 hours and talked to my TL and the HR manager about it. The best they could do was have me put in a request for 1(!) 4 hour shift to get covered. Of course, since I'm in electronics, it's already understaffed and no one will cover it. No thanksgiving or christmas for me either, since I can't get christmas eve off and my family lives hours away. I'm seasonal, but my TL wants to make me permanent. If I can't get my hours reduced to 22 hours max after christmas, I'll just go to dominos.

  • amped71 says:

    At my previous Target I was told soon after to get proof of my schedule because there was issues. Sure enough there was on my 2nd year I requested my birthday off on work computer for birthday and I asked LOD 3 weeks prior and he approved it verbally. Next week I’m on that requested schedule. I was upset and luckily HR was there and I told him he fixed it that night. I told the LOD next time I saw him he said someone’s mistake. Several employees including myself think we know exactly who purposely scheduled me. Months later LOD I requested my birthday calls me on morning asking why didn’t I work last night I’m overnight worker. I told that LOD I wasn’t scheduled he told me I was I told him I have a picture I wasn’t he asked for me to send it to him. He thanked me there was several issues like yours at the Target I was at it was due to manipulation from LODs other LODs covering for them. I was fired because I was accused of no call/no show. Straight out lie as long as I know it that’s what matters to me. My problem at my Target 2 out of 3 bosssed of our team disliked me to the the point after 2 years the 3rd joined in

  • amped71 says:

    So many relationships with so many previous during after my Target employment similar issues at different locations LODs Store Managers manipulations. Target talks so much of how they do so much for communities and public but just like a very good Target employee told me Target treats their disliked employees like crap and deny them full time to get health insurance.

  • bigrog44 says:

    What these people need to realize is that school is your #1 priority. You are investing in your future and you do not want to work at Target for the rest of your life. They should have changed your schedule at once. I worked at Target for 15 years and I had to quit.
    #1 We had a manager that switched from the sale floor manager to front end manager. This man's 1st impression of him was terrible.
    A)He accused me of being late from my break when I had to fix my time because I forgot to clock in or out. Then I told someone to tell the manager I was in the bathroom.
    B)I was waiting on a customer and she had her cartwheel and her redcard out before I said something to her about it. He disrespected me in front of her like he's the master. He said my name is Monday and there is Robert and we are the managers if you have any problems you talk to me. I thought that was rude and disrespectful and he's supposed to be the manager. Unprofessionalism to the tee.
    C) He fine any excuse to take me to the office for corrective action. I work with him for only 6 months and I had more corrective actions with him than any other managers combined and got 2 ass kissing GSTLs involved. Oh yeah, when he gives me corrective actions we'll do it about 10 minutes before I leave so I can't say anything. He knows I have a bus to catch.
    All the managers that had my back are either gone or working somewhere else in the store. People are afraid of this person. He knows I'm not afraid of him. People just want to kiss his ass. I'm not going to do that. That's why he don't like me, but I don't give a fuck. He can kiss my mother fucken ass as far s I'm concerned. When I get home I'm going to bed and getting up in the morning. I could keep going, but I have to go.

  • TargetGhost says:

    You actually sound like someone who worked at my store, before I was fired. Funny.


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