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April 12, 2014 - Stamphistory07


On March 31, April 2 and April 7 2014, I attended a new employee orientation meeting and training at the Target store in South Setauket New York. At this festive meeting, conducted by a Target human resources “team member” with 14 years (according to her) seniority, an anti-union video was screened – I started to seethe. At one point, this blatant piece of propaganda gave a statistic showing that union membership is on the decline in the USA, implying that unions are antiquated and no longer needed in the USA. What Target’s video failed to mention is the reason for union decline is the loss of American manufacturing jobs and the rise of the low-pay service economy that Target is a part of. The video also gave other reasons why unions are bad for Target employees – items such as a rigid job description, a lack of employee co-operation and individuality, claiming that labor unions are a business and only want your dues….

We all know why unions are bad,….for Target – they actually might have to pay a living wage and provide real benefits. Labor Unions were once part of the backbone of the American economy. Unions worked to end the abuses of the 19th century laissez faire industrial economy and led, in part, to the formation of the American middle/working class that prospered into the mid 20th century.

PS: I later heard that aforementioned HR person in conversation say “I can pay my mortgage on time this month.” Really? After 14 years with a company you were paid to tout the advantages of, your mortgage is still an issue!

PSS: I quit their crummy job after the 3 days


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  • disgusted says:

    Quitting as soon as you could was the smartest move you will have ever made!!!! Congratulations!!

  • TargetGrunt says:

    Seriously, the amount of benefit organized labor provided after WWII was immense. Getting paid for overtime, getting holidays off, having benefits and the five-day workweek all exist due to unions, among other things I'm sure. Not to get too political, but it's thanks mostly to Reagan for the anti-union movement in 1980.

    Unions aren't on the decline because they're outdated and no longer needed: unions are on the decline because they actually give the average worker rights and a livable wage, often even after union dues. And these corporations don't want to give the reigns to us at the bottom because without control, they wouldn't be able to reap record-high profits like they do now.

    I know some of you think it's pointless, but seriously, contact your local union and ask for advice:

    After all, "the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke

  • Silverfox says:

    Should find an employer who is willing to help you pay your mortgage.

  • fucktarget says:

    This post was awesome and accurate! The orientation meeting is the best. Our AP actually came into the meeting and said this to everyone. Turn your head to the left, now turn to the right. Those people will be arrested for stealing by the time you leave. HAHAHAHA! Orientation meetings were great.

  • quitters_win says:

    You luckily quit after 3 days; I quit after 5 years =(; I am forever traumatized from being treated like dirt at target by management.


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