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November 22, 2011 - benderdundat

Union! Union!

I worked for Target two years. It was the worst job I have ever had. The managers do not care about the working conditions of their employees, or their general welfare. It is horrifying that the majority of those working there [meaning non management] have to go on public assistance just to get by. They cut hours to almost nothing, yet they are constantly hiring new people. The raises are a joke. The highest race I ever received was .26 cents, even though I worked four hour shifts in their Starbucks by myself. Then when they give a “raise” they take it from you by hiring new unexperienced people that you have to train at the same rate of pay. Talk about a slap in the face!!

I mention these things to say that when I was working there I mentioned that we should unionize. It was like a dirty word there, but honestly if team members would organize and form a union corporate would do an about face. There is a reason why they show that anti-union video at orientation. Under union laws managers have to treat employees ethically and respectfully. Under a union members can receive a wage that goes up with the cost of living. For those of you that are unfortunate to still be employed at Target you should really consider signing up with a union or forming one.


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  • butterfly888 says:

    OMG I was there too. I use to work for the Starbucks franchise inside the target and was left alone for majority of my shifts! I left November 12th 2011 and I haven't looked back but still fighting for my rights!

  • ProhibitionRose says:

    I'm training inside Starbucks and they left me alone while I was training!!! Customers would ask me questions and I was clicking the "Need Assistance" button on the register! Nobody ever showed up! I hate, hate, HATE IT!


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