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March 21, 2021 - WorstJobEver2012

Union Activity At Target

I am curious if there has been an increase in the anti-union rhetoric at the Stores and the DC’s around the country. When I worked at T-587 every once in a while there would be a mandatory anti-union meeting when the subject ever came up. With the very real threat that Amazon may have a unionized Distribution Center by the end on the month I’m wondering if Target is sweating the same thing happening to them. In my opinion, they should be. Target has been modeling their internal structure after Amazon for two decades. Complete with management structure, employee performance metrics and treatment and an overall employees are infinitely expendable and are to be used up and replaced attitude. They fired me for standing up to it and the news about Amazon has brought back a lot of memories (both good and bad). I hope the Amazon thing plants a seed that grows and grows and grows. Workers are people and deserve to be treated as such – not drones, slaves or machines.


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