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June 21, 2015 - Unrealistic expectations

Unfair and Unrealistic

I was hired on as an unloader and flow TM  2 years ago, 12 hours a week for $8.50 an hour. I single handedly shorted the unload time from nearly 1.5 hours to 50 minutes. All this on 1800-2500 piece trucks, never rotated in truck for another person or was a no call no show. Soon after I was getting almost 35 hours a week steadily. I was praised in my annual review but received an inconsistantly effective because I had only been there 8 months. This resulted in a 18¢ wage increase. That is complete shit, but I stayed. Finally got told by my STL that they would prep me for a Team Lead interview. This consisted of a piece of paper and cramming information for 1 day before I had to interview with my DISTRICT TEAM LEAD… Nailed the interview regardless, my only picks were to be a Backroom TL or a Guest Service TL. If you’ve ever worked at target you’d know these are the two shitiest position you could hold. Both are filled with unreasonable expectations and unfair treatment. I chose backroom because I do not enjoy working with guests. I was plugged into an awful environment that had been neglected since the store opened and I had little training. I was expected to excel with a Team of 4 ( 100 hours to split between them) and an insufferable workload. It was a losing situation, although I didn’t make it perfect. I did improve it beyond what another in my position could do. Not a single day was a given a “good job” or “do you need help?”. Constant harassment and belittlement, I kept on trucking. My annual review comes up and again I get an inconsistantly ineffective, I did show emotion and pleaded for reason at this point, I was only denied and recived another unbearable raise. I make $13.13 and work harder than any 3 people combined. I know almost every aspect of the store and work over 40 hours a week. It’s the only way I can come out even and tolerate the stress of this aggravating job. As of 2 weeks ago I am now the Flow TL (babysitter) and it’s no easier. I make no headway it seems, I improve processes and increase production but am told I’m not doing enough. It’s stressful and depressing to know that no matter how hard I work I will still make less than those who do little to nothing and are praised for sucking the dicks of ETLs STLs and DTLs. I fucking hate failing like failure knowing I am doing great, just write me a damn vibe card at least…. Thanks for letting me rant and thank this site for letting me know there are others who feel this way.


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  • fucktarget says:

    This rant was hard for me to follow so I only read about 1/3 of it. I hit "like" anyway because it sounded like you didn't like target or your situation!!

    • rainprincess64 says:

      LOL how was this hard to follow? Sure it could've been spaced out more paragraph break wise but at least there's proper grammar and such For the most part.


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