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September 2, 2013 - ProhibitionRose


I am so close to quitting it isn’t even funny.

My TL was the scheduled opener of Starbucks today and immediately when I got there at noon, she took her lunch. She didn’t come back until an hour later, and then wandered around the grocery section, looking for people she liked so she could visit. When she got back, she immediately ignored the line of customers we had and started visiting with another TL who was on her lunch. They chatted for 15 minutes. I clocked her. Once it died down again, she wandered over to Food Ave to visit with them for 10 minutes. Then, she came back and spent the rest of her shift talking with her friends in the deli.

I was literally running around like crazy with the busy rush we had while she flapped her damned gums. And the worst part? So many ETL’s saw it and didn’t say one effing word. I guarantee if it were me, I’d be getting “coached”.

Why the hell wont they do anything about people like her?! How has she managed to become a manager when she is nothing but a lazy, gabby bitch? UGH!


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