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September 4, 2013 - Thatwierdguy

Turns out I am still on the schedule …..

I have posted earlier on here about my story so I am going to repeat a little bit of it. Keep in mind my last day working there was on the 16th of August, after that I called in once or twice and did a “no call no show” once. I figured being the new guy and calling in or your 4th day of work and doing a “no call no show” the next shift was an automatic termination. I freaked out because they gave me 9-10 days off straight and only gave me 8 hours the week after that so I did the next best thing, look for another job. I did just that and I am currently working at Fry’s which by the way is pretty fun since the people there are laid back and funny as hell, oh and on a side note, I got to meet Alice Cooper on my first day! Turns out he’s a regular there.

So anyways, I went in earlier today to pick up my 1st check and last day at Target and my HR manager invites me to her office and says ” ______! How are you?! Where have you been?! I haven’t seen you since orientation.” , she said it in a friendly manner so I wasn’t being yelled at. I replied “I am doing good and have been working at my new job because I was getting very few hours here and I thought I was fired for that no call no show.” I couldn’t believe her face expression, she was shocked as hell, lol. She says “You did a no call no show?! No one told me about that!” and continues “Well did you know that you are still on the schedule?.” Right when she said that the first thing to pop into my head was “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!?!?”

I told her about why I was given so very few hours and why I got so many days off right off the bat of being the new guy. She said that was her mistake and she was caught up in some other stuff. She than showed me this week’s schedule and it turns out I go in from 6pm-11pm today and was supposed to work yesterday, the day before and the day before that. I told her I had no idea and that this whole time I was fired. I offered to put in my two weeks but at the same time told her “I don’t know if I can come in on the days you schedule me since I have been doing well at my other job and have been getting good hours.” She said “I can match their hours for this week but you have to stay here, ok?” I remember reading posts/comments on here about how people’s hours vary so I took the safe route and declined her offer. The last thing she told me was “Well I guess this means you quit without a 2-week notice, you understand that?” I said “I’m sorry about this, I needed the money for bills so that’s why I looked else where if it wasn’t available here.” By that I mean hours. The whole thing turned sour around the middle of the conversation, I just wanted her to give me my check so I can go home and get ready for work. So that wraps it up for me and the whole Target job experience, a weird one at that.




  • Chris. 349 says:

    That was an uncomfortable conversation. I'm shocked you kept your cool. I'm also shocked that they'd act suprised that you looked and obtained another job. Good for you for standing up to that game!

  • viciousdave says:

    All it means is that they will never hire you back. Once I worked for mcdonalds, they won't hire me back though because they think I didn't give them a proper 2 week notice. When I did give them a 2 week notice, I told them face to face a manager guy. But now, they won't hire me back. Oh well, at least Target is better than that food shit hole. Hey, at least you found out the time acountant maker person there is a dumbass at your Target. She doesn't know how to write in hours at all and totally fucked you out of hours all together your first week. What a bitch, she needs a new college course for sure.




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