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July 12, 2014 - SassyGal2281

Took Ten Years of My Life

I have sat here and read almost five pages of these blogs. I seriously thought I was the only person who felt this way.


For ten years I worked at two different Target stores. Working at the first one was great. We had an excellent ETL Team, Team Leads and Store manager. There were always there to help. THe second one eh!


One I first got there most of my teams leads and ETls were straight out of college. They never worked a day in their life. So the store manager asked me to train my softlines ETL how to do an adjancey and how to set pogs in the jewerlry boat. When I asked the SETL why was I doing this and he said cause she doesn’t know how to. MY MOUTH FELL TO THE FLOOR!!!!


Jump forward to the new store etl. She comes in high off her horse. She worked at Macy’s Nordstorms and Lord and Taylor. Everyone wanted to know why the hell she went from those to Target.


Well we found out why fast. Someone was stealing and the cop asked me to calculate how much everything was using the prices. Not rounding it but using the real prices. Well the etl didn’t want that and said “are you that stupid. just round everything up” and when i was taking to long she said oh never mind i’ll do it myself and ripped out of my hands.


Oh I am just getting started.


So I come into work and go work on the computer to print out my sales planners and the team lead Who will all called big red and clifford told me to get out of that seat cause she needs the computer and doesn’t feel like walking to the back of the office to use the other one. I said no and contuined doing what I was doing. Got written up


So, I went up for a promotion. I was told that i wouldn’t be getting it cause i had a shitty attitude towards me managment. HMMMM….really


And now to my last year at target:


Beginning of the year my hours were cut from 40 down to 18. Why is that you say. I complained that one of the tls sexually asked me to give him a blow job. Then proceeded to rub my shoulders and breast. When I went to HR, they said there is no proof but we will look into it. But we most keep this between all of us. By the next day the whole store knew. I was an outcast from his team cause i went said something.


Since my hours were cut back to 18 down to 8 I decided to go back to school. Well they said okay we will abide by your school schedule. That never happened. They did the opposite. The scheduled me on days I couldn’t work. So almost all no calls and no shows. I was going to eventually get fired.


Then I got my review. I got a big fat nothing. I mean nothing. They said I wasn’t a team player. I didn’t make myself avaiable enough for the store. I gave them my two weeks right then there. Didn’t have a job to go to after that. My last day was closing down the store registers. On lunch I went to the liquor store got myself a bottle of tequilla. Was drinking the whole night.


I want to thank this wonderful fourm for actually being here and people listening. I want to tell everyone leave target before it sucks the life out of you. Cause it will.




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  • Silverfox says:

    hmm, so lord and taylor which is the bay who sold target their zellers canadian leaseholds didn't want a management personnel and target got her. score one for the bay for getting rid of her and score zero for target for grabbing her. lol.

  • f2268 says:

    I feel ur pain but only been here for almost 2 year and i want out bad

  • planoslave says:

    I'm at 8 1/2 years. Really, really hoping to not make it to 10.

  • tartar sauce says:

    was at 1 and 1/2 and could not do it no more with the exception of maybe walmart I am sure you will find a better job

  • Lara Schmidt says:

    Good luck to you! I will say a prayer that something better comes along. I was lucky enough to escape my Tarshit yesterday. It was an awful 6 months for me, and I feel your pain. God bless!

  • spirals73 says:

    I can't believe I made it to 13 years. That anniversary was last month and I quit a few weeks ago. I felt conflicted, glad to be out of there but feeling the loss of how much energy I'd put into that job. It is soul-sucking. My current job is hard--I have to be very diplomatic with my customers and do a lot of untangling of billing's screw-ups--but it's not the same. I don't carry emotional scars. Target scarred me. I have so many bad memories.


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