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December 28, 2014 - justwhy

Tolerance Wearing Off Slowly

So it’s been almost 2months at target. Great at first, they’re amazing at sugar coating stuff and train they’re “team” members to do the same thing. I am ready to get into a sweet rant about everything that happens in that place.

1. I’m not sure if all stores do this (and it might be the only nice thing my store does) but they reward us with crappy food for “all of our hard work”. Uhhhh….HELLO??? how about you treat us like actual human beings or maybe try paying us more than just minimum wage and that would be a much better reward than stale nachos, canned soda (which is luxury btw), or cold food.

2. What’s up with giving employees CRAZY work loads, believe me I’m a hard worker but they expect us to finish a torn up zone AND do go backs AND help snobby guests AND respond for backup all in a span of about 4 hours…all the while they just walk around and pretend like their job is so hectic, because telling people what to do is always hectic right? I swear everytime i walk into work the LODs are all unicorns and smiles but that all goes down the drain about an hour into my shift. About two weekends ago I went in on a crazy busy saturday at noon and had a guest ask me for help in the jewelry counter. I’m a hardlines team member and jewelry is softlines so i paged my coworkers and asked if someone could meet him there and help him out. the LOD quickly snapped and told me to make my way over to jewelry and somehow find keys because it was my job to help him out but when other ppl do it someone else takes the lead.

3. I hate to complain about this but “veteran” team members are such assholes! the only friendly people in my store are my fellow seasonal/new hires and maybe like 4 or 5 regular team members. you ask them a simple question and they look down on you like you’re stupid. I feel like they have forgotten that they were once new team members and were lost at one point or another. which leads me to my next point….why are we called team members is these ppl never want to work as a team? I’m fine with being a team player, shit i’ll take all the help I can get so I can finish faster but many people get all crazy.

4. Cashiering is fine up until they make you push those damn redcards!!! they even tried to push one on me but i quickly said no. i’m not a cashier, that’s not my title I’m a sales floor associate so why should i push these stupid cards on people! they’re such a scam. yes you save 5% on every purchase but for what interest rate? yeah I said it, they’re fucking people over with the interest rate ¬†and even if they do get the debit card is it really worth it? When guests argue with me about a price i just give them the benefit of the doubt so i won’t have to deal with them because they’ll end up getting their way anyway and i could care less whether or not target loses money.

i’m only there because they actually work around my school schedule and i could always use the extra money. I have a HUGE amount of patience but i’m beginning to lose it thanks to this lovely place.


Employee Experience


  • trashtalk says:

    I have always been considered a patient person but after almost 2 years at Target I'm loosing it. Sorry you don't have a good experience with experienced team members, try to remember they have been burned by Target many times, including with training new members. Corporate doesn't give HR enough payroll for training so they assign (without asking) TMs to be trainers and do not pay them any more for that work. Another way Target lives up to "expect more pay less"

  • Syd says:

    Yeah at my target they give us little cookies and Starbucks to try to make us think they actually care. During my second review my LOD asked me if I had any questions or comments I said, "yes, I think it's absurd u guys r this huge corporation that only pays it's employees minimum wage or slightly above and then gives us little treats as if we r children. We r not children and I know if u asked all the rest of the team they would all prefer to b paid slightly more even if it means we don't get requisitioned market pantry cookies. Additionally I don't like that u call us team members. I don't feel apart of a team, I am just a number to target, I am just __________ (insert tm # here).

    All she said was "yes I've definitely heard other ppl express this b4"

    All I could think was "so what u aren't gonna do anything about it"

    STLs, LODS and the liking are just too scared to stand up to the big bad target bc they know they'll get fired if they try to actually help their employees out and get them to b treated better. Were all expendable at target, it's just sad when our leaders r too spineless to do anything about it


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