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September 20, 2014 - mel5243

Told I was Getting a Raise, and then Nothing

About a month or so ago, I mentioned to one of the HR people that I’d like to be trained in Electronics. I honestly wanted to be trained there because my current work center was designated to Softlines and I hate Softlines. I had no idea that team members who work in Electronics got paid more. I just felt that I would enjoy it a lot more than Softlines.

The HR person agreed, and then told me I would get a 50 cent raise. The other HR person then told me again, that I would be getting a 50 cent raise. I thought, great, and went ahead with training in Electronics.

Meanwhile, I was offered an internship. The internship wanted me to work full-time, but I felt bad because my store had just spent time and money training me for a different department, so I talked them into letting me do the internship part-time.

I had to change my availability to do the internship. I asked off Tuesdays & Thursdays. I have open availability the rest of the week.

When I looked at my paycheck, I noticed that I had not received any raise. When I went to HR, they told me because I changed my availability I could not work 51% of my time in Electronics AND because of that I would not be getting a raise.

But they were still scheduling me for Electronics shifts. I thought it was incredibly unfair that I was being paid less than everyone else in the department, so I complained.

Now I have 51% of my shifts as a cashier – which in my opinion is the only thing worse than Softlines. It’s like I’m being punished.

By the way, I entered that bullshit WellBeing Dreams Contest. My Dream: That all TMs get paid a living wage and that health benefits be reinstated for part-time workers. ┬áIt’ll never get pass the judging phase, but I couldn’t help but enter it.


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  • Drax says:

    Don't know who's telling you that stuff but Electronics tm's don't get paid more. Logistics tm's get paid more.

    • OverworkedUnderpaid says:

      They do least at my store. $8.25 (used to be $8) for regular TM's, and then $9 for Electronics. I thought I heard someone saying it's because adding the responsibility of a key ups the pay.

  • OverworkedUnderpaid says:

    That whole....51% of your shifts thing is ridiculous. They have had me cross training all over the place and I brought up that I still needed to have over half my shifts in Electronics to keep my pay and I was told by our HR TL (not the ETL) that it's something they have to key manually. I spent well over a month without having most of my shifts over there and nothing changed on my paycheck. It seems to me that they are just being lazy and don't want to give you the raise.


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