Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

October 23, 2015 - thebeast123

Today I pick up my last paycheck with Target

What I thought was going to be a good part time job has turned into a complete nightmare.

from the store and human resources team lead on down to senior team leads is like a big fraternity. Heck even some of the sales associates who have been there or at other retail places will act as if they know everything. I was chastised by another associate (guy made the same amount I did and also worked at Walmart for six years before that) told me I wasn’t paying enough attention to detail. He said he learned that in rotc, the kid was lucky I didn’t hit him with an overhand right. I’m an Army veteran I think I have the attention to detail thing ingrained at me at this point, so that was problem one.

before my time at refining hard lines I also had cashier training. This is just target’s cheap way of saving money do they don’t hire any new people. Yet I always see the now hiring yet people’s hours have been cut down.

customers. Luckily I never been talked to about calling the guests customers and not guests. It’s dumb however the operators always says guests when it comes to closing time. What the hell?

also the technology is outdated. The walkie talkie bullshit is crap there is too much static for me to really hear anything. All I ever hear is the 2280 and the request to pick up the phone and the 30 second time period. I don’t even have mine on anymore because I could never hear the crap. But when I did the lod and the senior team lead for cashiers would freak out every 10-15 minutes and had to call people.

i absolutely hate cashiering. Imo it’s the worst job of all I see some customers with all the coupons and wheel thingy. Then I had seen people argue about expired sales signs or how the item was a certain amount and then the management lets them have it. That’s losing profit you morons.

if I hear the redcard bs I think I will vomit. Customers don’t want it bc they know they can pull a fast one over the management so why get it. The machines for cashiering are outdated. I want to say 1995.

LOD’s and etl’s are either the out of touch geriatric who is wanting to retire but are so afraid of the store lead that they conform to everything. This one particular lod would reward workers who helped customers get a redcard by allowing the worker to go home 30 minutes early.  The other lods and etl’s are probably no older than 30.  This one girl was always nice to me face to face almost flirtatious but for the two instances in which I needed time off I didn’t get what I needed from her. These lods would also walk or talk on their phone in the store while watching me zone the toilet paper.

Customers, you are no better than the Walmart regulars. Everytime I have to zone C and D, there is always a rugs in the aisle. Pabst blue ribbon and other alcohol would be in these sections. I shouldn’t find a shit stained diaper in the carts. I shouldn’t find tampons and condoms in the area where I am zoning rugs, towels, lights and furniture.

the first occasion where I asked for time off was to go to my Army reserve unit for drill. I had my paperwork processes to go back into irr status which is basically only come back if really needed. I recently received a 40% service related disability rating from the va. Yeah my schedule change didn’t happen.

next I told the same lod I needed the 15-17 off of this month. I told her this three weeks ago before she left for vacation. My dad died in January from Colon cancer this year. Oct 15 would have been his 59th birthday. I wasn’t going to leave my mom along during those days plus I wanted to tell her in person she was going to be a grandmother to a little girl. It’s apx a 6-8 hr drive from that store to my moms house so I was going out of state.


i asked another lod and was promised I would receive those days off. Yeah that didn’t happen. On the day I was going to leave, I couldn’t swallow anything  my throat felt very inflamed but never to this severity. So I called in around 1pm told them I was sick and I was going to see a dr. I was told to call back later since I worked at 8. I wanted to tell that fat stl to kick rocks.

so I called again and this lod (the scared geriatric type) told me she thought it was peculiar I’m calling in sick on the days I requested off. Of course they didn’t want to give me the time off because it would require them bother the stl. And it being towards the end of the week they had to abide by the philosophy of everyone must work on Thursday through Sunday. I was told I would need coaching and if I called in sick again then target may not be the career for me.


so I just didn’t bother calling Saturday or Sunday. Yeah I know I’m fired I’m just gonna get my check and tell them to nail my pink slip and I will bring it to the va’s attention. I could not care less why they tell me. I can’t work for people who don’t respect me. I have more pride than that.


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  • NotImportant says:

    That's Target for you. The lowest common denominator in the retail industry.

  • thebeast123 says:

    My grammar sucks lol.

    Anyways I have one more paycheck which will be mailed to me.

    I received two calls again asking if I wanted to return. One from the hr etl and one from the operator.

    Needless to say I told them no.

    So long target at tyler, tx

  • Silverfox says:

    lol, too bad target struck it out big time in the great white north. I don't see any of these crazy couponers and the enes that do show up get yelled at by the other customers for being an arsehole and they run off never attempting to do it again. Had two idiots price match and then attempt to use coupons for them and not reading the fine print. Just regular couponers who use a few. In rfd canada, rfd loves the red card combined with price matching loss leaders from other stores.

    • viciousdave says:

      I'm in Minnesota, right below Canada of course. And oh man, do people use coupons or what? Almost every single customer I've gotten has coupons, cartwheel app, and red card. You saved $20 dollars today. WTF? Seriously, it's insane. 4 items, 4 coupons for the 4 items every time. It doesn't make a lot of sense at all. And than they complain about no no wrong price man, change it now. Like, hello, I'm a cashier, I'm a regular person, that's Targets choice about price, not mine. You are the one who is lying because you found it on the wrong shelf instead of the original shelf for it. They all be lyers, cheaters, and steelers.

      • Silverfox says:

        They do but they use them reasonably and if they try to use a coupon not for the product management backs the cashiers up in refusing them. Probably because they know they can't get away with it so I don't see them.

        • viciousdave says:

          Not at my store. Even though we have a paper made out for the coupon policy the GSTLs will always say oh well we'll put through this coupon anyway even though you don't have this version or that item. At my store, GSTLs never ever back up cashiers about coupons. They say yeah what's the problem here, oh ok no problem we'll put it through anyway, and I even show them the paper of coupon limitations and coupon rules but they saw well I'm a leader and I am allowed to go over the rules. Like HUH? At my store they give any coupon a chance! It's horrible, they let any cheapo bastard get it all cheap.

  • vogue25 says:

    Sugarland, TX over here
    Just quit target today because of many reasons. I just can't work in a retail store where the manager and LOD won't give a crap about employees but they care about how "Nice" the store looks. The pay sucks, the benefits? 10% discount hahaha, don't flatter me. Oh and i got slapped and aggressively attacked by a customer for no reason, told my Lod, so she can tell the manger, the manger did nothing. I've gotten harassed because of my race and sexual orientation. I think you made the right choice of quitting.

  • thebeast123 says:

    How is the corporation still in business?

    I can see target closing for good in 10-15 years


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