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July 3, 2014 - fucktarget

To everyone who whines about their schedules!!!

What did you put down as your availability? If they are working you outside of your availability, then you have a legitimate gripe. If you put down totally open availability in the hopes of catching on, then you have nothing to cry about. So what if the ETL-HR or whoever promised you certain hours?!?! They will go by what you put down on that application!! You think any of those management fuckers will keep their word in the end. HELL NO!

Remember, they can fire you for whatever reason in your first 90 days!! ¬†Doesn’t really matter about the availability. After that, remind them of the availability on the application.





  • Targetthefuckouttahere says:

    ...uhh..defending Target gripes on a Target hate site..? You must still be working there, huh?

  • Ishmael says:

    Yeah... I got coached for a no call no show for a day that was slipped into my schedule without my knowlege... it was not there when I clocked out... and a few days later when I came in... there it was. Nobody called me tell me I had a day added, I was not in to see I had a day added, and you can't connect to the system from home to check you schedule, but somehow this is MY fault! Oh and don't let them catch you photographing the schedule with your cell phone, it's not allowed. I wonder why?

    • TargetGrunt says:

      I always make sure to log into myTime at work and print a copy of the schedule the day it comes out, that way if they try to pull something I have a physical copy with the date on it to show them.

  • disgusted says:

    What an idiot who posted this....for sure a tarshit ETL or TL even......having full availability makes no difference for these clowns who make up schedules at tarshit, the only thing that matters is are they being corrupt enough today, are they still the biggest pricks that walked the earth today? if so all is safe and short, tarshit, the biggest pricks that ever set foot on this planet, (not TM's)


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