Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

July 22, 2014 - r33535puff5

To all the “Job Seekers” out there:

Avoid Target. Don’t even consider it. You would be better off being a greeter at Wal-mart. I’ll tell you my experiences and hopefully they will sway you into not working here. I’ve been working on Flow for almost 3 years now, and at first, it was not that bad. My ETL was really nice but disciplinary when he needed to be and everyone actually seemed to do their job well. However, about six months after I started, that ETL quit and a new one was hired a whole two months later. You think they would’ve gotten someone before he even left, but nope, not at Target. Two months later our new ETL started and she was terrible. Granted, she’s just starting, she is allowed to be at least somewhat terrible. But over the 2 years I’ve been working under her, she has not improved in the slightest. She has no prior experience, she picks favorites and keeps yelling at her “not favorites” for not doing their jobs. When in reality, it’s backwards where her favorites do a slow-ass job, and everyone else carries the team. But on to another topic: the other ETL’s and STL’s. Good God these people are terrible. For almost a year now, I have been trying to get cross-trained in any other department because for one, the entire time I’ve been here, my pay raise has been 10 or 15 cents a year, and two, they only schedule me two days a week and every day I work a maximum of 5 hours (not by choice). Anyway here is how me trying to get cross-trained usually goes.
1. I ask to get cross-trained
2. The ETL or STL I talk to, tells me how I can go about doing that
3. I do exactly what they said
4. I wait about a month
5. I ask why this hasn’t happened yet
6. They tell me that I was doing it wrong and give me radically different directions than before, and rinse and repeat for the next 11 months

And I don’t know if this is just my Target, but our technology is outdated by a solid 20 years. Our computers run on Windows 97 and they look just like they were not even replaced since 1997. Let’s not even bring up the fact that a few months ago, Flow Teams’ shift hours switched from 4am-8am to 6am-10am. The extra sleep I get has been nice, but now we have less things to do during the day outside from work. The store hours, of course, were not affected by this change and now we are getting our worst Vibe scores ever because of the constant boxes and trash all over the place. Gee, don’t you think Target should’ve fucking thought of that before they changed it?! To top it off, I’ll share my most recent incident. Last month, we changed software on our team member website on how we make punch correction and request time off. I requested time off for the first time using the new system last month because of a wedding I was going to. The time off request was denied. I asked the HR person about it and she said it was probably just a bug that they were working on fixing. First off they should’ve fixed that beforehand, but that’s not the point. The HR person made sure that the day I requested was indeed taken off. I saw that it was not taken off of the schedule two weeks before and when I asked HR about it, she said it was fine and everyone knew that the day was off. The day came and went with no trouble. I came back to work and everyone was super pissed because they thought it was a no call no show. I, obviously, was confused at their lack of short term memory, and reminded them of my attempt to request the day off. They did not believe me and when thy asked HR, SHE DENIED ANY INTERACTION I HAD WITH HER. So this is obviously my last straw since a no call no show doesn’t look good on a resume or in a job interview, and clearly Target cares more about their own name rather than the people who (try to) hold up that name. I recently got another job that pays much better, gives me more hours and actually cares. So you can be sure that in a few weeks, you won’t see me in a Target store ever again.


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  • tartar sauce says:

    I had a similar experience except i didn't ask to be cross trained. It was all part time and boy did they ever put the "PART" in Part time one flipping day a week was not what i was promised and boy did they fail


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