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October 5, 2011 - feuring

Tired of Red Card BS

Hey I’ve worked at target for almost a year now; haven’t ruffled any feathers, and haven’t done anything to tick off upper management. I’ve kept myself out of trouble for good reasons, living in teen hating central Texas does that to a kid, and helped out a-lot around the store. Yet, for some reason the LOD’s keep yelling at me to quote “Sell More RED CARDS,” what kind of BS is this!? I go out of my way to make DAMN sure I’m one of the fastest cashiers in the store, and I’m threaten to be fired just because some “guest” doesn’t want to save 5% by applying for a debit or credit card. I admit I’m not all that enthusiastic about them, actually I don’t care for them, but the fact that how I am viewed as a employee by target, and how I’m seen by other employers for future interviews, depends on how many of those damn cards I can sell in a week! I don’t know, it just feels like target is cheating me out of a future.


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  • targetbendsmeover says:

    They just want to sell the red cards so they can screw people out of money.
    All target cares about is money and red cards not there "team Members' (which i have to say were not a team where employees.)

  • goatface says:

    The only advice I can give is to tell you to do what I do. Every time the prompt comes up at the register, and the guest is a woman, I flirt like crazy and try to convince them to get a card. I feel like a complete tool for doing it, but it gets results. It is hard to be enthusiastic about red cards, especially when in your gut you know how crappy red cards are. One more way to put you farther into debt, and if you get the debit card it takes days for the purchase to show up on your account, which leads to all sorts of messes when it comes time to balance your budget. Plus you can only use the thing at Target.


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