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August 11, 2014 - knoir

Threats, punishments and lies in the workplace

When I started at Target, it seemed too good to be true. TV in the Break room, Free food events every week, Chat sessions to talk about issues and ideas each and every team member had. It was as close to perfect as a work place could be, everything but the hours at first but over time it all worked out and after the first year i saw it as a very positive and for-filling job. Then it all changed.

We would come in at 6am to start the truck, unload it all and push it and be done by 1pm 3 days a week that came out to about 25 hours a week. This system was like clock work. If we would get done early sometimes they would let the team members that wanted to leave go and the ones that wanted to stay would stay. Now they have changed the 6am unload time to 7:3o, so we cant process the truck the same way with guests on the floor. We also stopped unloading the entire truck and was told to start doing a meter unload. unload for a little, push, unload for a little push, back stock, unload, then push again. This process is a huge miss step in my eyes, but not even a biggest issue i have.

We are now being told we “HAVE TO STAY TILL THE ENTIRE TRUCK IS DONE” we are threatened that if we leave on our scheduled time that they will change our work time to 9am-5pm shifting us another hour in a bad direction.

We are being punished harshly for working the hours we are told to work. They are the ones who changed the system that is taking us so much longer, and then blaming us for it. We are told our hours are just guidelines and if the truck is not done, our job is not.

A work place that is based on threats and punishment is one I don’t think any worker would want to stay apart of.

What do you all think?


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  • TargetGrunt says:

    As you may have noticed from some of the other posts on this site, fear mongering is one of the few things Target is good at.

    You think that these morons would realize that, hey, shit's not going as smoothly as it was once before and get it changed back to a system that works, right? But no, they'd rather just bury their heads in the sand and ignore everything in hopes that it all the problems will go away. And anyone who tries to question how things are run or cause complications in the "plan" are threatened and verbally abused into compliance (or until they quit).

    You could try organizing a chat session with HR and the STL and see what they say, but my STL keeps saying we need to "be patient" and that "things will get better," even though they never do. We get enough "guest" complaints with our 6am process, I can't imagine what a 7:30am process would be like.

    I swear you could train a chimpanzee to run these stores better than the idiots who run them currently.

  • Silverfox says:

    sheesh all target knows how to do is f up and then blame others.

  • tartar sauce says:

    Almost exactly what happened to me but as a part time only (I have another FULL TIME REAL JOB thank God) I decided it was not worth the effort. One day I was told how good of job I am doing and the next day the same work being done in the same time frame and I am the worst employee in the world. Then they cut me back to 1 day a week 1 FRACKING DAY i just stopped going in no notice no nothing. Best decision I ever made My life has been so much better without working at that hell hole they call a store


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