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July 18, 2015 - hashketchum

This site keeps me sane

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here. I’ve calmed down quite a bit (regarding Target; I have a calm disposition), and I think that I’m finally growing numb to Target’s shenanigans. It’s taken almost 5 years with 2 stints at 2 different stores, but it’s finally happening.

I’m not totally numb though!

I work overnight in the backroom. For those who don’t know, we pull the auto-fills, backstock all backstock from the truck, then backstock what the flow team can’t put up…or doesn’t put up.

Basically we’re the rug that you sweep everything under to hide your incompetence when the opening ETL comes in.

My biggest problem is the managment of the flow team. They keep cutting their hours! Since Christmas, everyone on flow has lost 1 hour per shift in favor of scheduling 2 extra people per night. This doesn’t really work because social loafing always rears its ugly head. They have more people, doing less work, and they’re allowed less time. What do you think happens with all of that unpushed merchandise? It doesn’t get rolled over. What happens is that they open up the toilet that is the backroom, and they take a dump on us. We get so many unopened boxes. Sometimes even the opened boxes are only missing one item, and I’m like “really?”

We are usually understaffed because of everyone’s availability. People have families, other jobs, and I’m in college. Anyways, the amount of “backstock” we’re expected to do is unrealistic. We have an offsite backroom team that comes back to the store around 5:30, but they’re always taken to help push even though we’re in the back swimming in cardboard. Oh, and don’t get me started on the plano team. We’re responsible for their ungodly amounts of backstock as well.

This is an easy job in itself, but the poor management of the other teams makes it hard to deal with. I just kinda roll with the haymakers.

This site helps because it lets me know that I’m not alone.

And whoever that was who got on here condemning this site in all caps, you can GO FUCK YOURSELF. You clearly don’t know the struggle.


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  • RedCardFairy says:

    Right!?! Isn't so amazing to come to this site and hear that Everyone regardless of the location has similar issues. The B.S with scheduling is just so common sense. The only time people consistently get enough hours is 4th qtr before Christmas otherwise is a weekly game of roll the dice on which bills are going to get paid. They continually cut hours while also hiring additional staff. The fact that they are so piss poor at scheduling i can only assume that they are following directions from corporate and their actions are intentional.


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