Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

March 28, 2016 - comrade

This place is too much :/

I am a little different than most posters here in that I don’t hate target. I just feel like this place feels like a dark depressing sweatshop that eats up your life. If it weren’t for HR and most of my coworkers I would be long gone. HR has been doing a fantastic job. My biggest peeve are certain specific coworkers, especially the older ones.

First of all there is always a fucking pallet in my way. Always. If I need to go somewhere there will be one or two pallets barricading the entrance. It is like an unspoken rule. Have to get to 99B145C02? First move 5 pallets that have totally blocked off recieving to fit the wave machine in. Drive the wave in while knocking over a bunch of tubs because it is a tight squeeze. Then move all the pallets back! I actually got locked in the freezer, because some idiot moved a huge beverage pallet in front of the door while I was inside!

Secondly some of my coworkers are assholes! I had this coworker in my department who would literally play corporate politics with the bosses and lie about the quality of work of his peers while talking himself up and got my friend fired. He eventually quit though, but he was replaced with someone just as annoying.

His replacement was obese and worked slow, which I don’t actually mind too much, but her attitude rubs me the wrong way. She is bossy and acts like she is in charge even though she is a peer. I don’t care how much older she is, I do things my way and I will not take orders from her. I also hate how she rechecks things after I told her I checked them. Take my word for it, otherwise you are fast on track to pissing me off. I don’t hate her, but we are opposites and not very compatible coworkers and when we are both in the same area I am just not happy. I can at least respect her, but will not respect her demands.

Worst of all there is the operator, who literally talks down to me and has the nerve to lecture me when she is also a peer. Seriously, I don’t care how old you are or how much life experience you have. You’re not my superior fuck off. I have flat feet, so when I am in the break room I will put my feet on the fucking table and you need to just keep your loud obnoxious mouth closed. If anything she should listen to me, I have a college degree and am in route to getting the fuck out of here. Also her tone is extremely disrespectful and I feel like she is addressing me like a criminal or a thief and not a peer.

Now my bosses. I don’t have anything too negative to say about them. I even like most of them most of the time, but they expect too much out of my team. Every day my feet are swollen and sore, because we literally have to dash around the store to meet our quotas. It is also dark and depressing in the backroom with no sunshine or windows. Backroom is literally the most physically intensive position. Front has it rough psychologically and emotionally especially with those red cards.

The very worst part of target is that they refuse to hire workers to alleviate stress and pressure. They want to work on the bare minimum.

Stress kills.


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  • MrSharkNasty says:

    The Target I worked at had 2 older males 55+, their attitudes were the worst. They treated everyone terrible, and pretended to be the best workers ever. They were horrible at their jobs tho and slowed down the entire production. Management treated them like they were kings because of their age, but they were a huge reason why we were not getting things done at time. They were very unhelpful and only did what they wanted. They had no problem treating other coworkers like total garbage either.

    We also had this male team member in his 30's who acted like the boss and would treat people terrible. He would bark orders at them and management sort of let it slide because of how fast he was at this job. However, it was total harassment and shocking any company would tolerate such a person.


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