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June 19, 2015 - TiredTargetear


This place is driving me insane. Literally I come in to work thinking how completely stupid the management of this place is. Everyday is a new set of rules that some dumb ETL probably made up during a meeting that would “help our guests.

I have got pulled into a room more than 5 times in the passed 2 months because I haven’t been talking about the damn Red card. Will you fucking shut the hell up about red cards already already?? Please do sit there and complain to me about how it is “Required to get one per Shif.” Can I please see this piece of paper about how it is all of a sudden required to get one. Then you tell me there is no paper and that the ETL can make up there own set of rules for the store. UMM seriously? I didn’t sign up for this shit and I definitely didn’t sign up to get interrogated every other week about this. Let me do it my way and if that isn’t good enough then I will gladly walk out that door! Also don’t compare this company to Norstoms and Macy’s we are absolutely nothing like thoes two stores. We are far below that. So don’t go telling me that people are expected to hear about the red card if they shop here just like Nordstroms and Macys. Just stop now. They are sick of it and so am I!

Another new rule is that we are no longer supposed to zone the front end. We get done with a guest and have to go right “ON POINT” what ever the hell that is supposed to mean because just standing at the front of the lane doing nothing looks great. Instead of picking up the mess that people made just let it lay around that looks very proprofessional. You’ll get grilled if you don’t stand at the front of that lane.

Tonight was another thing the GSTL said to me. I’m sure the new ELT came up with this one. I felt like I was in school again. They wanted us to write on a piece of paper and label Cartwheel and Surveys, then tally up all the people we talked to about each one. We had to also write our name on it and hand it in at the end of our shift. Are they even allowed to do that? I’m not in school and they treat us like we no NOTHING. Writing your name on it really? So you can come and pull us into a room again and shame us on how we aren’t talking about thoes? It’s not like we get anything for this expect and high five and great job.

UGHHH I’m so done I need to find something else. This site helps me not lose my mind and am able to talk about what hell I have been going threw. Enough for tonight I feel better.


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  • fucktarget247 says:

    I feel you about those damn office visits smfh. I got pulled in the office because I wasn't "up beat" enough. An ETL asked me to go to infants for the 4x4, and I said "ok" and did what I was asked, but the dumb bitch said I could've been more "up beat" about it. I got another job a month ago and I'm so glad I don't have to deal with that shit anymore. I only hope you can do the same!

  • TiredTargetear says:

    I sure hope I can get out of here soon! This place is a punch of crap. It keeasy getting wose everyday! They treat there employees like we are nothing!

  • viciousdave says:

    I get pulled in because of red cards not enough they say and because I'm an introverted person and I don't talk enough and smile enough. Oh I'm sorry isn't employment suppose to not rate people on jobs upon personality and beliefs? Come on, fuck Target, I'm looking up new jobs right now, I been there 7 years now, sure $9.18 now most I've ever got paid in my entire life, but is it worth it? Hell no! I've been depressed and angry forever, it's time to crush them!

  • RedCardFairy says:

    I think we can all agree the entire RedCard thing is a complete joke. Why are they leaving such "an important" piece of their business model to their lowest paid team members? They as a company should be doing more to promote/educate the people. The whole thing is so dumb!!

  • Silverfox says:

    and then they'll change their minds and want you to face stuff lol.

  • fucktarget says:

    Next time you get pulled into an office....hit em with an RKO outta nowhere!


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