Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

October 6, 2015 - retailblows14

This Job Should Be Illegal

Personally, I think Target should change a LOT of stuff, but the main thing should be to actually try to put their employees first, instead of the guest. By this I mean:

  1. Schedules – I know everyone (including ETLs) have to work “clopens” as we call them, closing shifts and then an opening shift the next AM, but it would be nice if management realizes “hey maybe our employees won’t get so burnt out if we actually give them 10-12 hours of rest between shifts.” Just a thought.
  2. We have new managers swing through our store occasionally to do extra training or because they are floaters (basically meaning they go around to different stores to try and help them “improve”.) We currently have one who wants to ban all employees from having water at their checklanes. As it is, we keep our beverages under the check lanes so guests don’t see them. But maybe instead of thinking guests are going to be horrified that their cashier has to drink liquids, you should let your employees be hydrated. Making the employee happy is just as important as making the guest happy.
  3. ETLs, LODs should stick to Target policies as closely as team members are expected to. As in, the ETL or LOD should NOT bend over backwards and give a disgruntled guest a discount a team member had denied because it was against policy. If we have a policy, we need to stick to it, otherwise everyone expects you to make an exception for them and YOU LOSE MONEY.
  4. STOP WITH THE REDCARDS. I actually had a guest thank me today because I didn’t ask her about one. I tried to explain it was part of our job and we got in trouble if we didn’t. She said to tell my manager that she was relieved. I wanted to tell her that my manager wouldn’t believe me if I did.

Also, our GSA explained to me that cashiers are supposed to get one RedCard per 200 transactions. So why are they pushing us to get multiple RedCards everyday??? If I only had 217 transactions in my first 12 weeks of working there (which seems low, but that doesn’t count my work at guest services) then the math for how many RedCards our store is expected to get per week (40) is somehow terribly overblown. Color me shocked.


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  • Cytotoxin says:

    That's actually crazy that Redcards are being pushed that badly. I mean I knew they were being pushed but this badly... The only people making you ask every customer (fuck guests) are the ones who benefit from the corporate bonuses that are awarded from each successful redcard sign up. You never see a fellow cashier pushing you to ask. You never see a cart attendant, hardliners, sortlines, backroom asking you to push them. NO! It's these greedy ass LOD's, GSTLS, GSA. Basically all upper management.

    I'm starting to go insane after always being alerted that we earned a redcard. Fuck you and your redcards. I never ask even when a GSTL is 3 feet away. Fuck them if they wanna fire me for not earning them extra cash they can all go stick those redcards deep inside their ass.

  • Sniper says:

    Our store had a weekly goal of 45 cards! 45!! Now they lowered it to 40 a week, thats still a lot, but i guess you can say thats better than 45 lol. Its an impossible goal which is very hard for our store to reach it.

  • viciousdave says:

    Target doesn't realize that they are making enough with sales alone, they don't need to interest and debt all the customers with the red card. Plus that, my leaders always say well target still makes enough even when they get 20 to 50 off there purchases. HUH? Yeah right. 20 and over on a 100 dollar purchase is way too much to lose. People always go on about no no no but it said $5 card with that many of this and that. Look at ad, hmm, only if you buy the 40ct size, not the 20ct. They say but thats what the shelf said. Nope, it didn't say any at all, it's just you people can't read right. Everything coralates to the ad. Yet the leaders just go alright we don't want them to get too angry so we'll just give them 5 to 10 off or 50 off a big vacum. WHAT? WTF? Leaders are more stupid than the cashiers of the store. What happened to old times where customers weren't allowed to lie about a price, cheat the coupons, and steel things for free because of a leader stupid decision to giver 20 off? WTF? Target is the biggest stupidist thing in the world to work for. They need to go back to old times where a business never looses money!

  • RedCardFairy says:

    I agree with you 100%!!i have never seen such a poorly run company. They are so lopsided in favor of guests it is ridiculos. The fact that they can't give team members set shifts/schedules shows a lack of respect. We all serve at the pleasure of the Target stockholders. The fact that they never schedule enough people to get the job done is just exhausting. Screw Target!!!

  • Cupcake7 says:

    When I left my store in August our red card goal was 90 a week..seeing that some stores had a goal of 40 makes me so upset.

  • smartass89 says:

    LOL yall should see my target right now, we are at a goal of 95 this week. i feel sorry for the cashiers, i just do cart attendant its chill as fuck except for when of the gsa bitches start tripping about go back carts sitting for 5 minutes


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