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June 25, 2015 - Mikasi

This is ridiculous

I was cashing out my last guest of the night who happened to be family. I DO NOT give out my discount to anyone so I didn’t see a problem with what I was doing. A team lead who has belittled and basically made every night I work with her a living hell decided to completely pass my register and run to the GSTL. After my shift I was yelled at for it being brought to her attention that my family member came through my line. Are you kidding me as a team lead if you thought I was doing wrong you should have said something right then not ran around like a child.


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  • RedCardFairy says:

    Sorry you were treated that way. That's what happens when you put inexperienced people " in charge". With the policy of say yes to the guest and make it right for the guest what is the problem with checking out family? On a regular basis these guests come in and lie about signs they claim to have seen all for a discount. I think a family member might actually be honest.

  • Mikasi says:

    The thing I hated was they didn't even check to see that 1. This transaction had no type of coupons or discounts and 2. That this was my mother and a former employee


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