Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

August 2, 2014 - jobishell

This corporation is disgusting.

I dont just mean this because of the pests running around(etls, cockroaches, flies..). I have unfortunately worked for Target for 6 years and have watched the morale decline over the past 4. Literally all 160+ TMs are miserable at my store. My own STL has said to my face Target is ony going to get worse. My old district manger recently ran into a coworker of mine and said Target will only get worse and that we havent seen anything yet. Its why she left on top of them telling her to fire all these hardeworking people she has come to love. My point is based off of insider information and higher ups admitting we are shit, everyone who work for Target: GET OUT NOW. SAVE YOURSELF. MOST IMPORTANTLY..if you are not miserable at this company already do you really want to stay and become miserable? because this is Target and its inevitable.




  • TargetGrunt says:

    I'm curious to see how the new CEO, Brian Cornell, does, but there are already a lot of articles conveying a lack of faith in his abilities. I certainly don't have any faith in him or the company, but I would love to see him screw things up even further.

    Also, I love it how even though Target is hemorrhaging money and cutting hours across the board they can still afford to pay him $19.3 million as a welcome present.

  • Silverfox says:

    don't worry. Target aims to lose more money in canada. One good thing though that's come of it. Target got walmart to agree to every single demand my city wants plus is willing to do whatever the citzens want in order to go and have a go at target who took the former zellers location. Never agreed to them until target opened. And that's not all. Walmart is willing to build a designers outlet mall. Why should one go to target when you can get good quality stuff from quality brands at a decent price? In some cases, the same price target is charging customers. Perhaps even more expensive seeing at some their stuff is shit quality. The fight should look interesting 🙂

  • lillbell says:

    I understand what you are going through,i have worked for Target for almost 18 years,and i have to say,this use to be me with what i have read on this site,its a real shame,but i see myself as coming from a hard knox survival school of how horrible people can really be at something simple as a job..when i started years ago,i was set up to get fired from day one,not by management,but by one of the team members i worked with..i learned real quick on how corporate games were played after that..i endured about 2 more set ups to get fired years later,i got in touch with their bosses before their own set up got through;)i and others were thrown to the wolves,i didnt go to management for help on what to do at my job,i went to the senior team members ,they were the stronger ones,and made me stronger,and a force to be dealt with,now the district team lead knows me by name,i am a lone wolf and do my job well,and the reason why i stayed,i cant answer that question,im on my own now,it pays my bills,i thank God every day i still have that paycheck,and i thank God that helped us maintain the #1 back room in our district,people,i have been threatened,set up,almost fired,basically called a piece of crap,and the ones that did that,are all gone,either quit or got fired,i know all of you are venting..and i feel you,i was there.just remember,its just a job,if you are getting treated unfairly,do not be afraid to speak up,i have plenty of times,and im still there,if its not worth it to you,,i know its harder finding a job now,but get out of there,sometimes i wondered why i never did,now im glad i didnt,i get paid better as a team member,and respected for my work,but i pid my dues..God Bless

  • Silverfox says:

    hmm, i found this article

    apparently target has decided to piss off it's suppliers. Not very bright xD. And they are already having supply issues. And i'm going again? I'm pretty sure they did piss off sobey's their food supplier once by announcing they wanted more people to buy their food from them. Technically if you think about it. sobey's food niche is the approx same niche of target. lol The ceos of target aren't very smart xD.

  • targetisterrible954 says:

    I work at the store talked about in the main post. It really is that bad. I experienced the 4x4 for the first time on Friday and it was awful I'm pretty sure that food production areas (bakery, deli, food ave, Starbucks, etc.) will have to do the 4x4 soon when this happens I will quit. And the fact they are accusing people who didn't do anything wrong of shit is terrible and the fact they are making it obvious that they are watching us is bad. I feel so uncomfortable in the store when working, and even when I'm there shopping so I will no longer be shopping at target I will shop somewhere else and lose the TM discount and the redcard discounts (even thought I will spend less at Walmart in the first place.) I'm looking for other jobs to get Le fuck out of tarshit.

  • jobishell says:

    LOL I do love seeing Target go in a downward spiral after seeing the way they have treated my coworkers and other people at other stores. I highly doubt a new CEO can fix this hell soon, but hopefully eventually. I do wish him luck and I wish everybody out there good luck finding another job. I am still trying. I have been to just about every proper resource about being mistreated only to see NOTHING done like always. Stay away from store T2146 everybody.

  • wink428 says:

    Working for Target used to be fun when I started 10 years ago. But when Target start recruiting all this fresh out college ETL's it changes the game. All this noobs think they know everything - when in fact it's the TM's and TL's who are actually running the store. And a lot of old timers TL's are being pushed out the door in that way they can hire new one for cheaper pay rate.
    I'm a TL at my store but I'm not getting 32 hrs and you want to know why? Because I don't kiss up to those ETL's!!!! I'm at Target to work according to my core role and not cater to the ETL'S whims and needs.
    If Target want to save money FIRE those LAZY ETL's
    The corporate need to make sure that all employees are treated RIGHT with RESPECT
    Target has the right Vision but the LEADERS in the store doesn't follow through
    What happened TARGET???? I thought the company cares about the EMPLOYEES WELL BEING? What happened to FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE???
    Maybe the company need to revise the EMPLOYEE HANDBOOK

    • John Cree says:

      I did hope my ex-store, T1489, was an exception, but it seems that a lot of store have the same issues. And the timeframe seems to fit, around 4-5 years ago Target started heading south fast. And the "new fresh" blood they invested in seems to be poor substitute for the experience TLs, ETLs and Store Managers Target terminates. This investment from experience has always confused me. Experience isn't a negative. An experience team can do far more then newbies following the handbook to the letter, or the direction from their "masters."

      It was a great place to work 8-10 years ago though.


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