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August 27, 2013 - ProhibitionRose

Third Week of Hell Week

Today was my third week of working for Target. Today was also the day that an ETL made me cry. He is the biggest scum bag I have ever met. Yesterday I worked 6 hours, but was so busy that I didn’t get a chance to take a lunch and forgot. Immediately upon clocking in and going into the Starbucks, this a-hole ETL jumped down my throat in front of customers and other team members. I immediately apologized and promised it would never happen again, but he kept yelling! I started crying and I do not cry easily. I was so embarrassed!

If that wasn’t bad enough, I was working with my team leader. When I got into the department, she was nowhere to be seen and we had a line of customers at Starbucks! People were wondering if we were closed and were about to leave. When she miraculously appeared, she kept talking to a friend of hers that came in. In fact, she spent an HOUR talking to her friend. I clocked her.

I have one extremely inoffensive tattoo on my forearm (it’s a star) but because of Starbucks’ rules, I wear a long sleeved undershirt to keep it covered. Well, I roll my sleeves up when I wash my hands because I don’t want to get the sleeves wet. I didn’t think this was a problem. Also, when we have no customers, I get a glass of ice water and drink it, then toss the cup away because we aren’t allowed to have drinks back there. I didn’t think this was an issue.

Anyway, about an hour before my TL got off work, she tells me she needs to see me in her office. Since I was trying to change over-flowing trash, I asked her if it was an emergency and if it could wait a few minutes. She exploded, telling me I was never to question her. So, I stopped what I was doing and went with her into her office.

In her office, she starts giving me crap about having my sleeves rolled up. I explained that I only roll them when I’m washing my hands and pull them down immediately. Apparently, that’s not good enough for her. She then started in about me drinking water when the department is dead. In no way, shape or form is it harming anything for me to step out from behind the counter, chug down 12 ounces of water, toss my cup away, and then step back in. I never even do it when we have customers around. She then tells me if I get thirsty, I need to wait until my break. What the eff? I am LUCKY if I even get a break! To make matters worse, she claims that that jerk ETL saw me “loafing” (leaning against the counter). I leaned against it while I was waiting for a pitcher to fill with hot water!!! Nobody has ever told me anything about drinking water or any of these things, in fact! On my first day of training I was told by the girl training me that our TL didn’t mind if we drank, just not to do it in front of customers.

I felt defeated and almost put my two-weeks in right then and there. I asked her if she didn’t like me, because that was the feeling I was getting from her. When we are working together, she never says one word to me and is too busy running around talking to other employees. I get that she has known them for five years and I am new, but what the hell?! Her response was very snotty, “I don’t even know you.”

One of the other girls in Starbucks warned me not to go against our TL because she has tons of friends in the store and they’ll choose her side over mine, no matter what. Is there anything I can do?!

I want to transfer to the Target closer to my house but they told me I couldn’t transfer until 90 days and I am afraid I won’t make it that long.


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  • Chris. 349 says:

    This is rough, sometimes I have it this rough. All you can do, unless your serious about quitting, is do your job to best of your ability and if your supervisors don't like it, just remember that they expect perfection and will next to never get it.


    Thats the reason Bullshit Bullseye goes through so many people. Do what you got to do and GTFO. Don't do any extra for them.

    Do watch out because if the bitch has it in for you they will use a " strangle " routine, that cuts your hours to shit.

    Also main thing is document the conversation that your boss had with you but also how the ETL screamed at you in front of employees and customers. That is a hostile work environment, report it to the hr, and if they don't do anything about contact employer relations.


    Never under any circumstance let these pencil necked geeks walk over you. Never show emotion also, ignore them and walk away.

    If they continue that and there isnt anything done from hr or corporate hr the local labor department would love to hear about it. They (Target) numskull management reads these posts.

  • viciousdave says:

    There's two ways to deal with this. One way is faking you're entire day. Just do things the way they want and get the day over with. Or, never allow them to concur over you and make you feel bad. Tell them how offensive they are being to you and tell them you have the right over the first amendment to tell them whatever you wish regardless of your employee signing papers. Yell back when yelled at. You give back what you are given. If opposed upon by them that you will be reported, oppose back. And if at all neccessary and if you just want to to solve it all once and for all. Go to and go to contact target, email them with your phone number, who you are, you're employee number, store number, and who you have a problem with. The headquarters team will immediately within one day contact the store manager and whoever harmed you will be spoken hard to about the problem you are having.

  • ProhibitionRose says:

    Every time I "argue" or try to defend myself, they say I am being insubordinate and that is grounds for firing, so I need to watch my mouth. One of the ETL's will sit in the department and watch me, looking for something I am doing wrong when he's on his lunch. I keep wondering if that's a form of harassment?


      It can be if you can prove it, also if you can prove it it can cause that person to get in trouble for observing while off the clock.

  • Thatwierdguy says:

    You have to be strong Rose, don't let them walk all over you. If you let them do it once than sure enough they will do it again. Be strong and good luck Rose, take care!


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