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March 14, 2016 - qveencam

Thinking of Quitting

So 4 months I’ve been at target (kept after my 90 day contract). At first I loved it everyone ways nice got redcards. Now I dread going everytime I’m scheduled . We have 4 GSTL’s, 3/4 are great. The 4th one is incredibly creepy, talks to you like you’re stupid, and stands over people and tries to “train you” to get redcards. I promise he’s getting cursed out before I leave that place. Also. I haven’t gotten a redcard since christmas time. People are realizing that 5% isn’t enough. Then on top of asking for redcards, you have to keep your speed score up to around 85%-100%  its kind of impossible to focus on your guest, ask them if they want a redcard, AND ring them up lightening fast.

Anyways. Im usually there on the weekends and that creepy guy is there. But here recently they’ve been scheduling me off on Saturdays. Im okay with that obviously but today, my sister (she works on the flow team) called and was like

Sister: I though you were off?

Me: I am what do you mean?

Sister: GSTL just told me you worked 1-8

Me: my schedule says I’m off though

I have plans to go to lexington today to go see the other half of my family to which I NEVER see anymore. Now I am here contemplating calling in, crying a bit because target always fucks me over. I have never been so upset in my life. Once I find a new job Im quitting. No 2 weeks. No nothing except that check. I just need a new job. I’m so fucking sick of target. Don’t ever work there



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  • grizzbear says:

    Understand where you're coming from. I work a day job; applied for a weekend - weekend evening night closer in the deli. Got hired. Got some day shifts that I had to work. Upsetting? Yes. From then on, I decided I was not going to screw around with my day job again. So far, I haven't been put in that position again. If so, goodby Target.

  • keithot says:

    Call the integrity Hotline and complain. You can remain anonymous


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