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September 10, 2017 - Softlinessucks

If they think I’m so great, why not pay me accordingly?

I work at a Super Target. We typically train a decent amount of team members for other stores in our immediate area because they are smaller and slower. Because of this, we never have hours or options for the people who work solely for our store. We can’t hire help, yet we have to train newbies that get shipped off to their respective stores after a few weeks.

I find it so exhausting to try to get all my duties done while showing some high-schooler how to do the basics of softlines. I am a shoe brand team member, and everyone avoids shoes like the plague. I don’t mind training, but at least have someone help me out by checking in on my section for me while I’m demonstrating zoning, back-stocking (hanging and folded), running z-racks, and giving a tour and small speech about every brand and section of softlines to give them a basic understanding of the department as a whole.

Depending on the day, half my shift is training, when we have trainees there, and I’m told to run at least 2-4 z-racks with a trainee, and that can take a while if it’s busy. Our floor pad is typically stuffed so even rearranging racks to get out one rack can take an hour between helping guests and backing up on the lanes and answering questions. And now that we did the new remodel, it’s even busier. I would hope training would be primarily delegated to a TL instead of a lowly TM who gets overworked and underappreciated. I’ve been working with Target for a little over a year and they already want to add me to the Target Trainers board and take my picture, which is cool, but if I’m considered competent enough to train newcomers, maybe a small raise would be nice?

I expressed an interest in moving out of the shoe department due to stress and the softlines TLs and ETL started sending me little cards every week or two telling me how great I am. I think it’s a guilt-trip tactic to keep me around and try to convince me that everything is fine. It’s a shame because I like my job, but my store is so busy that I am always behind. I wouldn’t mind as much if I didn’t make less than $11/hr.


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