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October 9, 2013 - pinkzinnia

Things that bother me

Do you want to know something that sickens me as an employee of target…GUESTS. Yes, I know with out them there would be no store, but many of them are selfish demanding jerks…I have been a cashier there for about 14 months and these are some of the things that piss me off.

Lets say I am ringing out someone and am trying to put things in the bags..the guest holds up a big bag of paper towels and says can you scan this so I can put it on the bottom of the cart. They never say let me know when you are ready and I will hand you this to scan.. So I have to put everything down to reach for the gun to scan it in order to make them happy. And I do it with a smile on my face while thinking – did you not notice my hands were full?

Or the ones who put the heavy litter and cases of water on the conveyor belt when I have my back turned as I am cashing out the previous guest.. HELLO? do you not see that I am small and somewhat old? AND once it’s rung, they don’t even offer to lift it off the belt.. I handle it two different ways.. One way is passive aggressive – I lift it up and bring it to the counter while placing it on my hip, making it look like its a very big struggle for me – which at times it is.. The other way is I just leave it on the belt, scan it and tell them that they can put it back into the cart. I do that on a lazy day or towards the end of an 8 hour shift.

I also despise the guests who are on the phone when they are at my register…some say excuse me, I have to take this call.. They are quick, to the point, hang up fast and apologize. I have no problem with that..
The rude ones talk away as it I’m not even there.. I was once even told to be quiet because I was interrupting him.. I suspended his sale and took the next person.. He said what are you doing.. I sweetly said – I thought you told me you weren’t ready. That pissed him off.. I liked that.. Subtle revenge can be so satisfying..
I never used to talk to the ones who were on the phone, but another cashier told me what he did.. He goes through his redcard speech with them as if he had their full attention.. I do that now.. Boy oh boy, it really pisses them off, but you know what, I’m doing my job. Then I smile when I give them their receipt – say – thank you for shopping at target – have a nice day..

When I get yelled at by guests for asking them to get a red card, I ask them why they are stopping me from doing my required job.. Then I say, don’t listen, let me talk, and it’s a win win situation.. They usually huff but have nothing else to say.

And a thing that has been pissing me off a lot lately is when people tell me how to bag.. They say put the frozen things together.. Don’t bag the gallons of Arizona iced tea (really?) or they watch what bag you are putting things into and tell you to take them out and put the in a different bag.. NOPE – they aren’t going to pull their control crap on me – I put it all on the counter and tell them it might be better if they bag it themselves because I seem to be doing it all wrong for them.. Most of those control freaks get pissed about what I say, but they pick bagging it themselves over me not doing it to their expectations..

Oh and just so you know, I am a bit anal about how i bag things. I categorize what goes in each bag… Frozen together, clothes together, etc.

Ok I vented enough for now..


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  • pinkzinnia says:

    Give me a break. A guest was holding some piece of clothing on a hanger and said I'm not going to put this over there - pointing to a ring of water that was left on the belt from a sweating monster drink.. I went to take the thing on the hanger and said, it's only water.. She said but I'm not putting it there.. I took the item and saw it was snow pants.. Oh for crying out loud - really? Hope you don't get any snow on those pants - it melts into water.

    • Junip says:

      I had a guest pull the "I don't want to get these wet" thing on me last weekend...I stopped for a second, looked out the window of the front of the store and saw thats it's pouring rain outside and our store only has paper bags...I just wanted her to think about that...

  • Chris. 349 says:

    Guests are even worse when you have to deal with carts.

  • Angelknight says:

    Make the guests bag their own stuff. Then they can't complain

  • viciousdave says:

    Hey dumbasses, that water on the belt, it's from a gallon of water or a soft drink like a pop bottle. I don't have time to wipe it away because you people keep coming like jack rabbits through my line, and I have to keep beeping stuff to make it keep going. You think I'm going to stop and than everyone is like, "ah man, we gotta wait forever for this guy to clean now". You think we want that? Hell no. We want to keep beeping people out so we can finally get you the hell out of the store. Dumbass cheap freeloaders, I hate you.

    • Angelknight says:

      if there's water on the like belt, i stop the belt and wipe up the water and if it's fishy, dose it with a good dose of cleaner and disinfectant. And i make sure to sign off before doing it. 😉 Customers don't mind waiting for you to clean up. 😉 They don't want their stuff on that yucky residue either. I just do the clean up while waiting for the customer to dig his wallet out and pay with his credit card and punch in the pin. 😉

  • Junip says:

    Here are my favorite guest moments:

    1. The ones who tell me about their reusable bags after I start bagging their stuff. If you are using your own bags please give it to me first. I had one guest put her bags last on the belt and put a door mat over them. She sees me put her stuff in a paper bag and says nothing. I come to the end of the order and lift up the door mat to find her bags and then she notices I didn't use them and throws a fit. Luckily she wasn't one of the ones who makes me rebag it.

    2. Guests who can't live with out the 5 cents off for reusable bags. I had a guest and her elderly mother come to my lane with about 6 items and they brought 3 bags. The items easily fit in two bags and the mother had no problem with it but the daughter starts yelling "We NEEED that discount, use the other bag!" I gave them the discount anyway and she still didn't believe me. I had another guess just throw a plastic bag on the counter after I had bagged her stuff and asked for the discount for a bag she wasn't even going to use.

    3. Guests who don't know how to read the prompts. Yes, Target is weird because they ask the "Do you want it all on this card?" question. It's not a normal question, but people use it from time to time. I have guests all the time who just stop and have to think about for a good 20 seconds before they make a decision. I like the ones who press no and I ask them did you want it on two separate cards and they look at me we glazed eyes and a stunned look on their face.

    4. People who don't know SNAP is food stamps. This is pretty self explanatory. You're getting it all for free, you can at least know what the program is called.

    5. The people who don't know what the lane light means. If the light is on, the lane is open. If it's off, please find another register. You're about to leave for the day or go take your lunch so you shut off your light when you are finishing with your last guests but people still start to put their stuff down. I kindly say sorry I'm closing, please find a register with the light on and they get all pissy. I had one guests say "you can check out one more." No, I can't I was suppose to leave 5 minutes ago, sorry.

    6. People who say "you look bored, I'll give you something to do." This is just stupid and cliche, never say it to a cashier.

    I'm probably missing some...I'll be back later.

    • yeahright says:

      I still think every citizen should be required to work at least one year in the service industry. Maybe then people could learn some common sense or, heaven forbid, empathy for those of us who have to deal with their nonsense.

      • Junip says:

        Another one of my favorites is when guests complain how dirty the store is.

        At the end of the night the store is zoned and everything looks close to perfect. On top of that, there is a third-party cleaning service that cleans the floors, empties the trashes, and spends most of the night cleaning everything.

        The second the store opens, it's your fellow guests that start tearing the place to shreds. Leaving half empty Starbucks cups all over the place, spilling soda on the floor and not telling anyone about it, dumping merchandise wherever they please, leaving used tissues and food wrappers in the carts, and letting their kids just throw stuff on the floor without a care.

        Sorry if I don't have the time to check every aisle during the day for garbage. I'm busy making sure the product you want to buy is on the shelf or making sure you don't have to wait in line for too long when you're ready to check out.

        Also, just because I stock the product, doesn't mean I know everything about the it!

        If you ask me some random question about a product, I'm going to do the same thing you should have done, READ THE FUCKING PACKAGE!

        I don't know if this brand of make-up is water proof, or if you can give this medicine to your five year old, or what the warranty is on this vacuum is, but I'm pretty sure it's printed on the box right there in front of your face!

        • Angelknight says:

          depends on your traffic and your customers, if your store mostly has well behaved shoppers then the store looks neater and tidier. Compare a target in a mostly asian community and a target in a hispanic community. I can guarantee the hispanic target one will be more unkempt.

          • Junip says:

            I've worked for both.

            I worked at an upper-middle class suburban store and we were able to leave right at 11 because the guests actually respected the store, didn't mess up zones, very little reshop, and almost no trash.

            I work now in a pretty low-income community and we are lucky to get out at 11:30 and we leave about 12 carts of reshop.

            I could fill up one of the little red phone trash cans for each block I have to zone.

            The worst part is our guests we literally let their kids piss on joke. The only satisfaction I get out of that is that the LOD has to clean it up because most of us are not trained in bodily fluid cleanup.

          • Angelknight says:

            lol people love to complain about dirty stores and don't realize they made it dirty themselves. Stop making it dirty and maybe it'll stay cleaner longer.

    • Angelknight says:

      yeah closing is a pain in the butt. We now have closed signs as well and people still don't read and put their shit on the belt. Sometimes they still try to line up and i have the chain up, light off and now we have the sign so we have the sign up as well signifying i'm closed and they disregard all 3 and stuff their shit on the lane.

  • pinkzinnia says:

    Junip, I know what you mean about when they put the bags at the end or they leave them in the cart under their pocketbooks.. Then say, oh I forgot these.. I just say oh and tell them heir total...

    I was working self checkout one day and a guest put in that they were using 5 bags but they didn't have any. I said, where are your bags? He said in the car.. I said then you really aren't using them in the store.. He said, what do you want me to do go get them? I said yes if you want to be honest...He didn't move so I said, should I take them off or not, it's your call... He said, yea take them off but I don't see what the big deal is...

  • pinkzinnia says:

    The store I work in is in an upper middle class area too, and many of the people are slobs. I have seen them walk over clothing on the floor, sometimes running it over with the cart. Yet they are the sakes one who won't put their clothing on the belt because it will get dirty.

    We do get people from all walks of life in the store. I don't think I could say if there is one ethnic group that is cleaner or dirtier. Each person is different. I do know that people with a language barrier are less arrogant.


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