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January 3, 2014 - The_truth09

Things I notice

I have been paying attention closely and noticed  a lot of things lately.

To start with my store has an upstairs which has the offices, break rooms, and HR and in order to get up there you have to go through a secure door with a key pad on it. My store has one person who is bound to a wheel chair. I realized that he has never really been able to enjoy the things that are offered to us sometimes ( Movie day, fresh fruit day, Sonnys BBQ, Papa Johns Pizza, Stocking stuffers, etc). I definately feel bad for him because the store has not done anything to accommodate him so he can at least be apart of the team and not eat his lunches in Food Ave, or outside.


I have noticed that on select days there is someone in the building 24/7. The store closes at 10pm, the closing shift has to be there at my store until about 11 when the overnight crew comes in to get the store ready for their trucks that night and they are trapped in there., so no going out to the car to charge a phone or smoke until the doors open at 8am


I have noticed that whenever people are on the walkie, they like to hold the walkie as close as they can to their mouth and yell in it The whole store doent need to hear what is being said on the walkie. With that the ” Additional Cashiers to the Front Lanes.”
Additional Cashiers to Guest Services
Restroom Checkup is complete

and the this is a test, 1…2…3…4…5….6….5…4…3….2….1….0



and on an unrelated note when going into the backroom freezers, who else rushes in to put defective cold products up and rushes back out because they are scared to be locked into the freezer

and who else has been stuck on the wave in the backroom because it just so happen to run out of juice or you forgot to step on the foot sensors


Employee Experience


  • ModernDaySlave says:

    Your store has the old layout , I used to work in one. there should be a "freight" elevator at one end of tsc which handicapped ppl are allowed to use. Overnight tms are usually allowed to exit the building for smoke breaks around 4am the FlowTL/ETL just has to unlock the door. Now thats shitty if they won't do that because every store in my area does. Leaders in my store wear earpieces and we have those screamers and those who need to take it down a few octaves lol.


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