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December 3, 2013 - LODSaretheMissingLink

Things cashiers just love to have guests do at check-out

We just LOVE it when you have fucking 7 separate transactions, each time paying with the exact fucking same credit card because you “gotta get those miles”. I like it when you take fucking forever to find your credit card and I wind up getting a poor cashier score so my LOD complains about my R’s. I also like when you pay entirely in 1’s… I mean really? What are we your fucking bank?? I like it when you have a motherfucking screaming baby who you just let yell and fucking yell. I like it more when you reward the negative behavior with candy or affection. That kid don’t need fucking candy, he needs a good fucking ass beating. I guaran fucking tee you if that kid kid got ass whoopings regularly he wouldn’t be doing that shit. I like how you think signing up for a RED card actually takes “just a second” to fill out and then bitch that it takes so long. I was obviously bullshitting you when I said that, it’s your fault for being stupid and oblivious to how scams work. I like it a lot when you get pissed off at me because my manager is taking forever to enter the supervisor ID # into the fucking system so I can proceed with the transaction. I like it when you take out your credit card and fucking drop it onto the counter instead of just handing it to me just to be fucking passive aggressive. It’s shit like that that makes me want to just tell them to get the fuck out of my line like I’d do at the carnival. I like it when you have fucking 5 things that are MYSTERIOUSLY missing tags/bar codes. I’m not giving you a fucking discount, what I will do though is call the operator and have them send someone over… so it’s your call, either I suspend your transaction and and you wait 5-8 minutes for someone to show up (assuming they even do, which in my experience isn’t fucking likely) to replace the items or you can just not get the items and in the future get items that ACTUALLY FUCKING HAVE BAR CODES. I like it when you take fucking forever to get exact change because if it’s $21.73 you just HAVE to give me the 73 cents instead of an extra $1 dollar bill. I like it even more when you get pissed off at me for proceeding with the transaction and finishing it while you’re still counting change. I like when you buy a bunch of shit and try to pay for it with motherfucking food stamps. I like to (no sarcasm here) say loudly MA’AM YOU CAN’T PAY FOR LIGHT BULBS WITH FOOD STAMPS so the whole world knows you try to fucking abuse the system to pay for your own shit. I don’t fucking think so you dumb cunt. Bad enough our tax money goes towards putting food in your worthless, USELESS fucking belly. Talking on a fucking smart phone while paying with fucking LoneStar food stamps, if you really needed fucking money you wouldn’t own a fucking smart phone you’d own a fucking $30 Verizon LG Cosmos. I like it when you make every fucking part of the transaction difficult by being picky about what goes in what bag. It doesn’t fucking matter if you put tampons in with Christmas decorations you dumb shit. I like it when you don’t speak ANY FUCKING ENGLISH what so fucking EVER and get in a line with a white cashier instead of the fucking Peruvian chica behind me. I don’t fucking hablo espanol okay. I like when you move away from the card reader after signing after I fucking TELL you it’s gonna ask you about fucking 500 questions after you sign. The average fucking card reader doesn’t even ask if you want cash back, but noooo Target has to ask you motherfucking 99999 questions. One thing I abso fucking lutely LOVE is when you use card after fucking card, each one getting declined, and finally give up and walk out of the store because you’re frustrated. Nice you just held up the line and pissed everyone off for nothing, great work! I like when you’re an old, steriotypical black woman and you cut in line exclaiming loudly I WAS HURE A MENET AGO MOVE YER SHIT. I put up with it because I’d rather not deal with “YA’LL MUFUCKERS BETTER STOP BEIN’ RASISSTS NOW I’M SERIOUS” uh ma’am no one’s being racist but you. I just can’t fucking STAND it when a minority assumes someone did something out of racial prejudice. You ever think MAYBE you were just being fucking stupid and got treated accordingly? I like when I have to get manager TWICE to void your first transaction so you can save that 5% on BOTH of your transactions. I mean really, are you that fucking stupid that you thought you could use that 5% discount on TWO transactions when it CLEARLY FUCKING STATES ON THE FRONT OF THE COUPON ONE TRANSACTION ONLY? I like it when you give me lip when I need ID for alcoholic beverages. I can’t fucking bypass entering an eight-digit DOB into the system so don’t get pissed off at me for it.. Yes I know you’re fucking 80-years-old but I can’t fucking proceed until I type in your DOB. I really really like it when I have to put the bags in your basket myself when the counter is too full of bagged items because you’re too fucking stupid and lazy to do it yourself. You can clearly fucking see that I don’t have any more room on my counter and you just fucking stand there. I like when I have a bunch of shit in a bag and I try to hand it to you because setting it on the counter would make it fall off and you don’t fucking take it. I then set it down and it falls off the counter, WHOA LOOK AT THAT, YOU SHOULD HAVE PICKED UP THE FUCKING BAG, STUPID. People think that Target cashiers are just sponges to soak up their rage and take their shit. But I’m fucking not. That’s one thing I fucking hate about Target, your mission is to nod, apologize, say “okay” while the customer rages at you because THEY’RE fucking stupid. But I just can’t fucking do it. At the carnival I’d tell them to get the fuck out of line if they got lippy, and if they didn’t get out of line I’d get security or else incite the people in line to get pissed off at them. “Listen I personally don’t give a fuck if you stay in line or not, but these people do so go ahead stay in line, I’ll just eat my lunch while these people stand here getting pissed off at you.” At Target you give the customer ANY back talk and you get a talking to. Like this one time when I showed a customer the price tag on a pair of boots and she complained to my manager that I “put it in her face” wtf?? My manager then told me to turn off my light and had a fucking talk with me. That’s the big problem with Target. If people who don’t treat the employees with respect got kicked out of line/the store then there would be fewer fucking idiots talking so much shit about Target because they weren’t treated like princesses. MAN TODAY AT TARGET SUCKED BECAUSE THE CASHIER DIDN’T GIVE ME A $30 DISCOUNT WHEN THIS AD SENT TO MY E-MAIL SAID IT WAS $30 OFF. People don’t do you that way in the amusement business because they know you’re not going to put up with it. Target should have the same policy where you are able to treat the customer the way they treat you. I swear sometimes it takes everything in me to not just hop the fucking counter and rip their fucking heads off.


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  • IAmElectronicsChampion says:

    Cashier speed is messed up. You can bag someone's groceries in three milliseconds, but if the old lady takes 3 minutes to get out her check book, it gives you an R. And then the gstl comes over to berate you for being slow at the register, and i'm like alright, I'll tell gramma Sue to speed her ass up because I'm slackin on my cashier game. I'll say, bitch why don't you get a debit card. Fast Fun and Friendly. Target taught me that we stand for everything but that

  • Silverfox says:

    next time tell the gramma you don't take cheques. And if they insist on paying you by cheque tell them, sign up for the target red card then pay the bill off instantly by cheque. lol, zellers didn't take cheques but will take them if you pay using an hbc mastercard and then pay the bill instantly with a cheque.

  • Taylor_167 says:

    The freaking ID thing, like we seriously have to get a supervisor when we CLEARLY know they're age, its ridiculous..and the freaking score thing? WHY do they freaking care how fast we ring someone up, if anything, it's rating how fast the "guest" is counting their money..

  • allergy says:

    suspend the transaction. as long as you're G before you suspend it, you should be G when you reenter the transaction.

  • ProhibitionRose says:

    Someone clearly isn't a kid person. I agree that it's annoying when people come in with screaming children...but unless you're a parent...chill the eff out. Beating your child's ass in public is highly frowned upon and I guaran-fucking-tee that you'd have child protection services on your ass faster than you can drop F-bombs.
    That being said, it's easier to quiet a screaming child to give them something to entertain themselves, which most parents do to save themselves and the cashier's some headaches.


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