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June 17, 2015 - Done

They have no respect for employees

I haven’t even been a Target employee for a full month. That right there should show you how much I hate it. And it’s not unjustified either. My birthday is Thursday and even though I had it off, one of my coworkers suggested I take my availability off as well. So I did last week. What do I find when I look at my schedule today? A big fat fucking shift scheduled for– can you guess?– Thursday, June 18th. My birthday. The day my parents took off from work to drive two hours to see me. The day my boyfriend took off from work to spend the day with me forcing him to work two extra double shifts the rest of the week. When I confronted (very friendly-like too I might add) the human resources lady she told me that her hands were tied and there was nothing she could do except put my name down on the shift change sheet which is no guarantee.

Awesome. Great. Fantastic.

It wouldn’t be that big of a deal had I not already took my availability off, talked to my LOD, and gave my parents and boyfriend the OK to take time off of work (which I did not encourage; I only told them I had the day off. They did it by themselves).

I would also like to bring up how they never told me (or my other coworkers whom I started with) how fucking long it would take to process a W-4 form in order to get more money. I worked 40+ hours last week and only received a two hundred dollar paycheck. I feel cheated, used, and abused.

Oh, I guess I should mention that I work on the lovely Flow Team/Logistics in Hard Lines comprised equally of bullshit and more bullshit. Whenever another department doesn’t want to do something, my department has to stay late (sometimes until 2 p.m) to pick up their mess. I’ve been about to clock out at times when my supervisor comes running down the hall yelling at us that we’re not done AFTER they’d given us the OK to go. This includes doing abandons. And let me tell you, summertime is a bitch for abandons. They only have one fitting room attendant who does a half-assed job and hardly comes in. They promise they’re in the process of hiring more…. that was five weeks ago. I call bullshit. They just don’t want to pay anymore people. Oh yeah they’ll hire people, but in departments that are so grossly overstaffed that it cuts everyone else’s hours in half. Before I got into Hard Lines at this particular store, my trainer was the only one working that. For anyone else who works in this department, you know how hard and overwhelming it is. And then to have to do other people’s jobs? Because they won’t hire anyone else? Corrupt cunts.

Target is bullshit.

I am currently looking for another job.



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  • targetisbs says:

    Target loves to do this thing called "schedule you for the exact days you told them you CAN'T work" it's unbelievable! And then when you tell them for the last time you absolutely cannot work on that day, they tell you to find someone who will swap shifts with you. Oh thanks, now it's my problem. Get out while you can!! It saved my life!


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