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August 23, 2013 - Chris. 349

The “Vibe” Paradox

I’ve resisted writing about the Vibe until now. Recently I’ve gotten at least two hand outs on the Vibe which in itself wouldn’t bother me. Thanks for the scrap paper. What does bother me is that I’ve been coached on it twice. I’ve worked at Target for years, and now they’re saying that not only am I not efficient enough due to them increasing their standards but they don’t like the fact that I’m not a used car salesman. I can understand that they want to change their policy but let’s have a little reality check.

I work at a store that neighbors a community that spends hundreds per shopping trip. They obviously don’t mind paying more than they need to for stuff. My store attracts it all from old ladies who take advantage of their disabilities, by riding the motorized carts around until the batteries run out to children who aren’t even potty trained and urinate on the bathroom floors. I tolerate it all. Now I’m supposed to connect and make memorable moments with people whose priorities aren’t even compatable with my own. The “guests” that shop at Target have their priorities set on things like, “is my kid happy?” “Can I go use the bathroom when the Cart Attendant is cleaning it?” “Can my kid make a mess by throwing the drink I just bought for them?” “Is the cashier going to ask me about the Red Card?” “Can I complain about something stupid relating to carts?” My priorities are completley different they go like this. “Am I going to haver enough carts to justify going on Break or Lunch?” ” Is a certain LOD going to find three or more carryouts for me to do and then complain that I’m not accomplishing things?” I doubt anyone can tell me how I’m supposeed to Vibe with the “guests” I’ve just described, but I do look forward to your comments.


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  • Thatwierdguy says:

    Target is starting to sound more and more like a bad joke. I get the feeling that I am going to be in the same boat as you with the whole Vibe crap or maybe in even more trouble. The guests at my store barely crack a smile, hardly say please or thank you and seem to be in a bad mood. And yet were supposed to make them leave the store feeling happy and that there are no worries in life. Jesus! I'm there to work to pay for my bills not make a miracle happen -__-


    Vibe = Complete horseshit. They want you to share your experiences with your guests but that is part of management is to "supervise" and to observe the actions of the employees.

    If they would stop jerking each other off and actually do some work they would see what people are doing while at work.

  • ProhibitionRose says:

    I had a customer complain about my "vibe", which I think is complete horseshit because I am extremely friendly to everyone I come across while working. And then the management complained even more about my vibe when I wasn't wearing a shit eating grin after being yelled at.

  • FuckT says:

    oh definitely a paradox! Complete bullseyeshit! That's how theyre going to compete with Amazon?! How about better prices and more ways to save? Save your creating moments bullshit..most people don't care about that..they want good prices and helpful employees..and for that they need to treat their employees better by realizing that they need to pay bills and minimum wage wont cut it. We also need to be trained better not just tossed into the shark pool and expect us to be successful. Target needs to treat their employees better and in return employees will treat customers well..a happy employee makes for a happy customer.

  • TeamLeadsSuck says:

    Yeah I've been taken into the office for that vibe shit myself. It's just an excuse because suddenly someone decided they didn't like you. You can be the most cheerful fucker on the planet. Either you don't have enough cheer or it's too much. I don't know how we're possibly supposed to read these assholes' minds.


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