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June 26, 2016 - collegeguy23

The true Target work Experience

I started working at Target in September as a cashier and it seemed great at first. Had great coworkers and management who knew and understood that this was a weekend job while I was at college. About 2 months I started noticing signs of stress and fatigue. That I no longer enjoyed coming in and that mangers would stress about the littlest of things. That some things that weren’t cleaned weren’t perfect and that we weren’t selling enough red cards. I thought whatever because I was consistent on sales, speed and guest experience surveys. Eventually it became all about redcards. That the guest nor their experience rarely mattered as long as there was  red card sell.

One experience that comes to mind was when I was working on a Thursday night in my first month and was ringing out a woman. We go through the normal stuff and I try selling the card. No go so I let it go and try finding something else to talk about. She was paying and her card only allowed so much so being new, I went and got a manager. After paying her total came to about $200. The manager tried to sell and we tried to figure out the problem, but in the mean time I turned off my lane light. The poor lady started crying and I wanted to try and comfort her but my manager only cared about the red card. The manager went so far as to almost let the merchandise go if she just opened a red card and after constant harassment for it, the woman left in tears and without her stuff.  This is just one instance where I noticed things were going for the worse.

Fast forward to around Thanksgiving time and its gotten a lot worse. I went to Human Resources and our HR is truly a very caring and hardworking woman. Unfortunately I knew how it would look because it was the guy who had only been there for a few months versus a person who had been there for years. I told many managers of the above instances and they told me that seniority should not be a factor. I could not even go to our ETL because I knew he would not do anything to fix the situation. It is by this time that very close friends and family start worrying because I was stressing out and exams were close. The HR manager let her ETL know of these instances and it seemed like nothing happened. The harassing manager was allowed to continue how she acted and it was at this point I noticed we had a sudden drop in employees. They were quitting due to that manager.

Fast forward to last week and I was pulled aside because I had not been selling enough cards. I had just finished college and was looking for my first full time job. That manager was claiming that we had been having so many meetings, and that it would go down as a documented discipline. We had maybe 2 other meetings where everyone else had also been talked to. She then stated that if I didn’t get my red cards up that I would be fired even though I had confirmed with Human Resources when I first started working that I could not be fired solely for red cards.


I found a full time job, got an offer, accepted and put in my two weeks a few days ago. I feel like a huge weight has been put off my shoulders and I made sure to tell the ETL-HR that one main reasoning for my leaving was management and that guests(who I thought were supposed to be the priority) and employees were under stress because of this manager. That just because corporate was under a lot of stress does not give them right to stress out the people on the front end.  I only wish that I could help out the employees that have become my friends.


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