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April 2, 2014 - TeamWolf

The System is Broken

Good morning fellow disgruntled,


Life is good, I found this site.  Now onto the “beef”.


I have worked at this anxiety-inducing mind-fuck known as Target for two years, and most of it has been a horrible experience.  Yes, I do take responsibility for remaining in this environment, but I liken it to holding my hand over the flame of a candle to see how long I can endure the flesh-sizzling pain.  It has been a test.  But now, I have finally seen the light at the end of the pitch black tunnel, and the time for me to leave has arrived.


But the reason for this post is not for my own personal story, it is about the completely inefficient inventory system.  I find it mind-boggling that a company that sweats the smallest details, also refuses to address the massive holes in their computer system.  This applies mostly to the backroom, and caf pulls in particular, as items recently back-stocked are always deemed necessary by the computer to pull and return to the floor.  Of course, this becomes an endless cycle of pulling, pushing, back-stocking, rinse, repeat.  Handling the same items 6 times a day causes frustration in even the most unflappable employee, and eventually leads to the mindset of “fuck it”.  It is impossible to not develop this attitude, because if you care about doing a good job then the flaws only beat you down each day.


I have brought this inefficiency to the attention of every TL, ETL, and even the STL, but they all respond in the same way.  Blank look, maybe a “hmm”, but my concerns are ignored.  They take my comments as if I am complaining about the work I have to do, when in reality I am bringing an important issue to them that will HELP the store in the long run.  You would think these bonus-earners would love to find a way to bank more hours, but they all blame one department or the other and every answer is some bullshit that they have quickly fished out of the deepest parts of their collective asses.


So what do I do in response?  Well, what I have been doing for several months now is what I refer to as becoming “the torch”.  I burn entire batches, sometimes even including the whole caf pull for a particular hour.  When I began my job, this practice was stressed as grounds for immediate dismissal, however it doesn’t seem to hold the weight it once did.  At first I did this to see if I could draw attention to the issue, basically daring management to fire me, but have I heard anything about it?  Have I received a “coaching”?  Hell no I haven’t.  It makes me think that the ETLs in our store don’t actually look at their own numbers.  A simple report would expose me, and it makes me wonder what they actually do.  Anything?


This is just the tip of the iceberg for my ranting.  There is so much wrong with target that I could go on for days, as I am sure most of us could.  I thank you all for listening.  Now I’m going to go burn something.





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  • disgusted says:

    amazing posting!!! 100% true!!!!!

    so mind boggling for sure that a company that bitches as us all the time about the tiniest of details, has these giant holes in the system for sure.! Absolutely mind boggling!!!!!

    You are so right as well that the employess that "give a shit" about working hard and creating the best environment, are the ones tarshit will lose out of sheer frustration and exasperation too. Doesnt sound very "brand" to me? LOL Oh and once agsain, given a NCNS, when I called in sick clearly the night before, and spoke with the LOD. The short answer is why do we bother at all? Yes I know, we need the pittance of crumbs they throw at us.......

  • Silverfox says:

    no wonder they are having inventory issues up here. And no wonder why there's the widespread problem of empty shelves and shelves that are just faced with product but not actually stocked

  • bulliedbytarget says:

    Drove be crazy every day. It is the most counterproductive system I have ever heard of.

    I would always burn the batches too. Until, some dumbfuck thought it'd be a great idea if they made sure everything was pulled, even if it we just backstocked 92 of them 4 minutes before the CAF dropped.

  • whiskey says: the union we need

  • halcyon says:

    if you tell the pda you pulled one more that its asking for, you can either YES - pulled all from shelf or NO - burn without having to backstock again. the funny thing about saying NO, is that if it wants some ungodly amount... it will tell you how much its waiting to be pulled. but you'd have to scan the item again after saying NO. i've found this useful in the MM2 batch on tuesday and wednesday after the old entertaiment had been taken down and then new ones put up. I dont think we need boat loads of last week's new movie if the home location has been cut down.

  • conorO25 says:

    I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thinks that is absolutely nuts! I was part of the instocks team and one of our many duties was to push the calfs that were being pulled and I would always end up with shit that wasn't needed. IT DROVE ME CRAZY! I would ask the ladies from the backroom why? WHY?! and they could never give me a reason. Target is one of the most anal retentive yet inefficient stores I have ever encountered

  • disgusted says:

    Yes, the system is broken, but you must always remember, if you are not in Minneapolis, on some team that makes real decisions, you are an absolute no body to tarshit.

    These people know best you know, and are the only people who could possibly have any idea of something sensible. We are to behave like robots, not use our minds at all, if something doesn;t make sense......until some stupid leader says hold on a sec, then a Help ticket is made up, and wastes more people's time, as we are only doing as the MPLS morons have decided. Remember they are tarshit Gods, they really know best. LOL ROFL!!!
    This remoinds me of doing some backstock, and then in a short while, the pull list of SFN or calfs it seems some people call it comes, in, and low and behold the items we just backstocked are on the pull list,!!!!! MPLS morons feel the best thing is to waste time, backstocking items, then pulling them again, seeing there still isn't any more room on the shelf now then there was 10 minutes ago, but its what MPLS has decided is somehow best.
    The clear message is do not use your brain at tarshit, MPLS folks have decided for you, and they really do know best, bless them......LOL ROFL


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