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December 1, 2019 - apnater2019

The Life of a former Target TSS

Hi all. I recently just got out of target (or getting out, 4 more days.) even though target has its moments as you all know very well, I dont wanna burn the bridge yet should I need a a job or even seasonal work.  I have a lot of stories that I think would entertain the masses and that I can see if any other former or current TSS’s have similar adventures. Ill just start with a semi tame one but this will show how target generally handles things or what a TSS can do (and not do) when they are alone.


So this is at the last 2 hours of my shift and I have three days off when I am done so I’am in a pretty good mood. Nothing has happened today and my replacement comes in 45 minutes which means I can eat something. But… It approaches, 5’01, skinny as a rake, wild hair, and bobbing head that’s a babbling at nobody, a common crack head.  tweaker magee goes about her self babbling and selecting random stuff at a brisk pace. I can’t apprehend or call the police without the LOD’s blessing so I make my presence very heavily felt by her. Basically, I am always with in eye sight. She then storms up to me and starts yelling, asking if I want to see her gift cards as if they absolve her of all  crack headyness. She then screams at me that I am following her so I try to radio the LOD or HR to just cut losses and get this creature out of the store because customers are starting to notice this meth head maniac. Of course, no one responds on the radio, and our friendly neighborhood crack head keeps freaking out and yelling at everyone still screaming at random people if they want to see her gift cards.   Finally after calling for 6 different people, I get the HR on the walkie. I go to channel 4 and say I need to remove a crack head from the building. Crack heads where I worked are a common sight sadly so I didn’t think saying it on a side channel would be a big deal, and I said crack head to illustrate the severity of the situation. Another manager who Didn’t answer my first 4 calls on the radio instantly pipes up. getting made I said crack head and other corporate dribble. OK THEN.  SO she buys like less then 10 dollars worth of crap and then leaves while holding a disgusting zombie middle finger. . I then get reprimanded by the same on that got mad on the walkie for saying crack head. Come to find out a month or 2 later that crystal methany got arrested for theft at another target and shocker, USING CRACK! Believe me, I was just as suprised as you all are. Basically, I got in trouble for calling a crack head a crack head.


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