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August 1, 2013 - bananasuit

The latest at T1846

So the shit keeps running literally at this whacked out store! So lately people have been getting written up for not being FFF if that’s the case then fuck there should be a shit load of people on their finals.

There are team leads who are not FFF at all in fact one certain TL has gotten a lot of complaints on a store level and even to corporate but she hasn’t gotten a final and the reason I know for a fact that she hasn’t is because the complaints are multiples and if she had been on a final she would of been fired by now.

She is an ass kisser though and she is “close” friends with a senior team lead that happens to be in HR hmmmm let me see??????? Oh ok no wonder she still has a job. Not that I want her fired but all I’m saying is that in her case there are exceptions! Which is bullshit it should be fair across the board. Two other people “I” know have been put on finals for not being “FFF” and in fact one of them is super cool and totally gets along with everyone. She is super friendly and she is a person who a lot of front end people trust.

I really like her and I’m glad she is smart enough to wanna move forward and leave this shitty ass company by going to school to have a real career and not deal with fucking morons and stupid bitches. I have learned a lot in this store as far as not trusting any higher management because they’re all gossipers and so unprofessional about handling their employees.

Sure just write them up for not being FFF and let’s get rid of them! I really wish we had at least one member if management we could trust. Oh and we got a new senior team lead person lets just say her name starts with an “L” she’s as crooked as her walk but oh well she fits in perfect with the rest of the young crotches she partners with.

All these youngsters running the store are so full of their weight watching habits and lack real moral standards. All they care about is about they’re appearance and looking “pretty” at least that’s what they believe oh my god!

Seriously they are all hemorroids!!!


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  • Chris. 349 says:

    I've got a supervisor at my store who always looks prim and proper. I think he must trim his hair like every other day to keep it looking that good. I don't envy him but I do pity him for being vain, at least in my opinion.

  • gordon says:

    You said: "I have learned a lot in this store as far as not trusting any higher management because they’re all gossipers and so unprofessional about handling their employees." You are so right about that. There is so much favoritism. What is even more worse is when Human Resources is a part of the problem and not the solution. There is no open door policy. Team members do not feel comfortable speaking up to HR so they call the integrity hotline or should i say the retaliation hotline. Hr pretends to listen but is more like a puppet with the strings being pulled by the stl. I can see right through all the fake etls and stl and I am not a sexist but it is more worse since it it predominantly women in management at our store. Target talks about building trust but i would be a fool to let anyone of those etl's get "close" to me so to speak. I remember a time about almost two years ago when a seasonal team member unknowingly walked up to hear 2 etls--the softlines etl and Operations etl gossipping about her in A block. That did not well went well but it wasn't worth it and she end up quitting. It was a sad case. Seems like each Target has their own private hell and you do not have to come to this website to know this. Everybody talks. It is going to catch hell this 4th quarter when they run out of managers/etl's/stl's to run certain stores. Just wait and see. And this overbearing pressure to hustle our guests to sign up for a red card all day everyday is creating situations whereby team members are feeling so much pressure that they are cheating to make goal and getting fired in the process. It stinks!

  • bananasuit says:

    @gordon: yes you are absolutely right!!! There are alot of people at my store that confide in me and it saddens me to see and hear them express the fear they have when it comes to an issue and having to talk to management. I don't blame them at all for feeling that way because management does retaliate in one way or another. I always tell them to call the hotline and that they can be anonymous if they like.
    Believe it or not I called the hotline myself because the GE ETL had a rocking chair in her office which was located right by the front lanes. You could see the chair from the front lanes and that chair was part of a display from the infants department it was a chair that was part of a set along with a crib.
    Everyone would sit in her office and eat and laugh and basically just sat in there and loafed. A lot of us called the hotline and we made sure we followed up on them and called back to hear what the STL had to say.
    Make a long story short they relocated her office and sent her lazy ass over by the team lead offices lol.
    It was fun to see that their ass was in a bind.
    And now with us coming to this website they are questioning everyone one by one about what's being said on here. But they're making it seems as if they're concerned about the stores morale and about our feelings pssst like they fucking care!
    EVERYONE is so unhappy at our store and everyone is wondering when and how they'll get fired. The damn red card bullshit is driving everyone crazy and even guests hate it.

  • katiepurrs says:

    I'm glad I'm not the only one from this store that posts on here. There are a lot of other team members that are going to sign up to this website, now that's what you call team work.

    I'm not trying to find out who's who as long as we keep posting our opinions and concerns. No one gives a shit about us so why are the ETL's trying to find out who's posting on here?

    They're only doing it cause some of them were mentioned in particular and because it T1846 and if no one would of mentioned in specific that it was T1846 the ETL's wouldn't of cared.


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