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September 4, 2014 - ladygamer

the female devil

we have this ETL who is damn near 100 years old (lmao shes proably 50 comething) anyways she is the straight devil.. she talks down to you like she is your queen and like youre a piece of shit.. she yells and argues with team members over the walkie while everyone can hear, like how unproffessional. she talks shit about her employees and expects you to greet her each time you see her. shes the type who doesnt hates her life so she takes it out on everyone at the job.. like her old as has been at target for over 20yrs why hasnt she retired . smh i get into it with her ALL THE DAMN TIME!!!! I never speak to her when i ssee her i go theĀ oppisite direction wheb she is coming my way. i rememeber one time i had to embarrass her over the walkie for talking to me like i was her pet. im sorry to saythis but i hate her. shes so evil and enjoys making everyones life horrible.


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  • TargetMinion says:

    Sounds like my STL, she's a devil bitch too!

  • John Cree says:

    Sadly neither of you have special stores. The last Manager of 1489 Shannon, transferred out in early 2014, wasn't just a devil bitch, she was a full blown C***. Not one employee i talked to could say anything nice about this Shannon, no one even admitted to trusting her. And i now fully understand why. Calling Shannon the devil is too nasty to the true Devil. Target loves these types for management. I have no idea why they are "good' for Target, but Target does seem to seek these people out.

  • OverworkedUnderpaid says:

    Sounds exactly like one of my new ETL's. One of our cart attendants had to forcibly restrain a team member from beating the hell out of her. The ETL had gotten in her face, laughed in her face repeatedly, called her out over the walkie and so on. She has even made one of our seniors cry for a couple hours in her office....the senior walks the store an hour before hand off so that she doesn't get yelled at for 3 hours too.

    Nobody likes her, nobody respects her. People only take care of these meaningless things so she'll shut up...not because it's supposed to be done.


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