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July 8, 2013 - Junip

The ETL Process

This is just a quandary I have come to think about in terms of promotions within Target.

It’s bullshit that anyone with a degree and zero management experience (sometimes no retail experience) can become an ETL and some one who gets hired as a regular team member with A degree can take as long as four years to get promoted to ETL


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  • gordon says:

    Target is not fair. Before I first got promoted they overlooked me for some new girl who did not last 3 months in the position. I had to help her lots even though i was hurting because I knew I was more qualified and had the experience. Talk about favoritism. I perform my job to the best of my ability and I do not suck up or kiss ass like some of these team members. I finally got promoted and then my boss got the boot cause she was stealing. Fair enough i had some suspicion about that witch. Etl's come and go in our district like shit leaving ass. It has become a trend now and word always travel fast when Etl's quit in our district. Sometimes it is like 6 to 7 at a time from different stores stl's included. It is the same for Senior Team Leads. Business college can not prepare them for the real deal in some of these Target Stores particularly the ones that are high risk and ghetto whereby guests constantly mess up the zone, open packages, steal and at times leave a lump or lumps of do do(shit) on the ground in the toilet or piss on the floor. I hated being a cart attendant. Some times I feel bad for these interns when they send them to train in stores where the morale is so negative or bad. Senior management is so fake in welcoming these new interns because we know the real deal. It is what is. It is fact that no etl or stl leaves Target happy whether they are there 16, 20, 25 or 30 years. I have witnessed it. For some of us it is like the longer you are employed with the company the more you grow to hate being there because there is no building trust, some etl's lie and gossip about you, the raises are shitty, the integrity hotline serves no damn purpose and there is unfairness and too much favoritism. The hard working and productive team members are over looked while the lazy kiss ass suck up team members are recognized. True story.

  • Free At Last says:

    There is a flaw with their interviewing process. If you are favored by upper management, you will get a push even though you can suck like ass. The people who do their job right but don't kiss their asses are left hanging to the point of frustration case in point --- gordon.

    Upper management will give you interview questions so that you can go over it and then they will quiz you on it. So even if you lack common sense, you almost can not fail because of all the prep they give you.

    Then you are shipped to the district office to do the interview. (gordon this not directed at you but an overview of what I have witnessed and told by a friend of mine.)

    On another note, they like to hire people out of college so they can mold them into the Target and they are cheaper. Like I told you earlier, the interview process is flaw. Almost anyone can fake answer those questions. It should be tell me about a time...

    They should be looking deeply into people's background. How they treat other peoples. The whole nine yard. That would solve a lot of their turnover but what do I know.

  • ExTargetDrone says:

    Anyone who has ever worked at Target knows that the company's true mission is to foster a certain culture which they meticulously cultivate and enforce all the way down to the hourly TM's. Just take a look at the ETL's they bring in and you'll see what I mean. Corporate recruiters go straight for the fraternity and sorority houses when looking for eligible ETL trainees and interns. When these people are hired, they're given free rein to do whatever they want, and as long as they don't steal money or merchandise from the company, they can be as lazy and corrupt as any Congressman. And trust me, they are.


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