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September 15, 2013 - RedStain

The dog lifts its leg on these employees

Worked in the backroom.  Rather ehem warehouse.

Who the hell is in charge in these places?  Nobody is a  manager, assistant manager, dept manager like NORMAL stores.
No you have ETL, LOD, TL, whatever.    Theres no picture of the manager or management team on the wall, so who the hell knows!
Everyone has a radio…you know so they can harass the cashiers about red cards that customers don’t want to be asked about in the first place!!!, GO Team GO bullshit motivational speeches,  and generally ANNOY their guests with loud and obnoxious feedback and echo from 10 radios within earshot.

Orientation, HR moron (and ALL HR people ARE morons anywhere)  texts her way though your orientation which is basically just the “don’t even think about joining a union here” video.  Why are they so afraid of Unions?  Money and power.  If these assholes running these stores had someone calling them on their bullshit that they couldn’t fire on a whim, the game would change and they’d be the ones out the door for being stupid.

They say in their anti union video that unions are a business.   Well I’ve got news for you.   TARGET IS A BUSINESS TOO.  One that is very good at making lots of money (billions of dollars a year – 73  yes SEVENTY THREE BILLION dollars in 2012) and breaking the backs and minds of good people trying to make a living.   They’ve got morons running these places.  Nobody’s friendly or happy.  Probably the color red everywhere subconsciously turning on everyone’s rage and anger.

They say in their video that “oh the union will mean you won’t be able to do different jobs”  WRONG.  Because Target doesn’t pay enough to make a living…why would the people that work there give a shit about doing two or three or four jobs for the same low pay? And from what I’ve read on this site, it’s no problem being stuck in the same job at Target because of politics, jealousy and interpersonal vendettas.

If Target took ONE BILLION of those dollars and distributed it to 300,000 of their 361,000 employees (assuming 20% of those people are management)  Just one measly 73rd of their revenue….would be $3400 per employee per year.  Enough for a monthy car payment or half a month’s rent!

UFCW if you read this…You gotta hit stores in a region at the same time.  So they can’t play the “remodelling” game like they did in Long Island.  If they close 5 stores in a region, it’ll be noticed.  Get the Teamsters in on that warehouse part….each store is a warehouse in the back.
Hit them in clusters, even if you don’t win initially…you’ll cost them time, money and resources.

Then theres the other legal crap they force you listen to about working safe.  You know so they can set the justification that if you get hurt in their store, you can’t sue them…because they told you to work safe and if you don’t meet their unrealistic demands, they have plenty of things to ding you out the door.   And then an orientation visit by the AP goon about how to work safe on the job.

Safety, Maintain three points, don’t throw merchandise, work fast and safely.  Thats not possible.  Not in the real world.
The PDA (if it works!) programmed from stain central in Minnesota says you should be able to speedily pull orders probably based on some clone working in a “testing” lab store where reality doesn’t apply.  Boxes are backwards to the cieling, 15 feet up, deal with ghosts, baffles and all sorts of other errors that the other clones made while they were rushing around.

If you spill something, you’re not allowed to clean it up, unless it’s food.  If theres a fight in the store or a medical emergency, don’t touch the “guests”, only the AP goons can touch guests.   Training?  No time for that.  Oh here, I’ll give you all the answers, we gotta keep going, too much to do.   Gotta rush rush rush to get the Chinese and Pakistani crap out to the floor so the suckers, er i mean guests can buy it.

The kid  that showed me how to make bales?  Didn’t even shut off the power!  Push shit to the floor?  Cause you get stopped every 15 minutes by moron customers asking where something is?  Because the “leaders” don’t schedule enough people on the floor to be around to assist customers.

This is the service economy for you.  A bunch of brain dead college flunk out losers abusing college kids and the working poor, while  running a money mill for Minnesota stain central.  Dead end low paying jobs.  And they think they’re doing YOU the favor by hiring you for $7.50hr?

No.  The people who stay at Target more than a few months are doing a favor for Target, it’s executives and shareholders.

It’s wrong and it’s stupid.


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  • ProhibitionRose says:

    HAH I've been at my Target for two months and don't even know what the store manager looks like.

    • KEENtan says:

      That's because the "store manger" does absolutely nothing.

      At my current Target I have seen my STL out of his office four times...maybe. He is only at the store three days a week and according to the LOD schedule he is at "meetings" or on vacation.

      One day I was the only cashier at my end of the store and a small line formed at my register. There were three people in line, each with small orders of less then 10 items.

      The STL walks by with 2 other LOD following closely behind and I hear him on the walkie call out for backup.

      By the time the back up cashier made it, the line was gone.

      All this time the three of them just stood there and waited.

      Then he has the nerve to coach me about not following the 1+1 rule.

      One of them could have easily jumped on and taken care of one the guests.

      That's Target leadership for you.

  • viciousdave says:

    Yup. The team leads never do a damn thing. They don't work at all. They walk around, talk to other team leads, help out guests only when they really have a problem like a big $50 dollar price difference they think something is and has to be delt with by them. Need back up, press the red extra help button, LOD, GSTL, both there, don't help though. Sales floor guys don't come up for another 5 minutes. Guess what, you didn't make it. You guys think we pressed the red button just to annoy you. No we didn't, we pressed it cause it's a job and we are backed up and we need more cashiers, duh, I am doing the job I was told to do. Not being a dumbass like you who's not doing there job at all. This is uplifting really, now I can email corporate by going to and contact us, and email them which of my team leads don't do there job and never help out and most likely get them fired, thanks!

  • Xerothermical says:

    In my store everyone knows the STL, in fact I met him the second day I got hired and he did part of my training. I would think the guy would be your typical team lead that doesn't do anything but he actually jumps on lanes and does cart runs when needed and is present in huddles to inform of new stuff or to lead. I guess it varies from person to person but of course there is an ETL as well who doesn't do shit haha.

  • yeahright says:

    "TARGET IS A BUSINESS TOO. One that is very good at making lots of money (billions of dollars a year – 73 yes SEVENTY THREE BILLION dollars in 2012) and breaking the backs and minds of good people trying to make a living."

    This is what makes me mad about Flexible Fulfillment. For those of you no longer with the company, "guests" can order items online and then pick them up in store. They're not the first company to do this, but I digress.

    The thing that makes me mad is that they can afford implement all this technology, buy iPads (yes, friggin' iPads) for Guest Services, yet they can't - and won't - give their workers a living wage?

    It makes me wonder what would happen if we all just didn't show up for a single day; just a one-day walkout across the entire country.

    • Hephaestus789 says:

      We just got that at our Target, and we have a small GS so when we had to find spots for the boxes, we literally have to get a ladder from the back room to reach the highest box. and i have to use the step ladder for the lowest box (btw, i'm 5"8).


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