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January 20, 2016 - Frick_you_target

Thank Goodness.

I am actually feeling LUCKY that my seasonal job ended. I now get to tell you the shitty things Target does for their employees..

First off, we are “team members” which makes no sense because you are all actually playing against each other for those stupid REDcards. That are lies anyways.

You are told in orientation (and interview) that you need to sell REDCards. That’s fine. The perks are great. You’re told you’ll keep your job after seasonal if you keep up on them.

What a load of bs. My GSTL (we shall call her R) said that as long as I kept up on my REDcards I would keep my job. That is obviously a lie since I’m typing here.(I sold a total of 94 in the 2.5 months I worked there. More than any other “team member”.(i was told sales were lower so they couldn’t keep as many people and that they were only keeping one cashier)

They play you. You don’t keep your jobs. The GSTL(guest service team lead) just doesn’t get reamed by LOD(lead of day) If one person gets a REDcard, you’re expected to get two. If one person gets two, you’re expected to get 3. We had a daily goal of 36 cards. That being said, they only had 7 cashiers on. That 5 per cashier (some with only 4 hour shifts). That wouldn’t be hard if you weren’t timed on how fast you go.


This brings me to my second point. It is also explained during orientation that you’re supposed to be “fast and friendly”. They don’t tell you that you’re timed and that if you don’t go quick enough, there is a large “R” that appears.

You are also told to keep your percent up. At the end of the month, EVERY person’s percent is laid out on the table for everyone to see.

Your percent isnt just how quickly you push “total”. You are also timed on how quickly the customers (“guests”) pay for the stuff they have bought. If they sit there and count out change, you’re SOL for a “G” to pop up on your screen.

They average your time and in order to stay in the “G” for your percent, you must have an 89 or above. Not to mention, the cards and REDcards with the chips that take significantly longer than any other form of payment.


REDcards are a mess! You are required to ask every single “guest” if they have one, if not, you’re supposed to try and persuade them to get one. If they say no, you ask about CartWheel (the app for your smart phone) and then you explain how it works. REDcards are expected even from people with extreme language barriers.

Team members are also expected to get a REDcard. If they want to use their 10% discount, they have to get a REDcard.


Target will let you think everything is happy and good when it isn’t.. And if you’re a person from another country, you won’t get approved for the 5% because your SSN was issues after the REDcards started. You also won’t get one if you have sky miles.


I’ve officially boycotted Target from my house.


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  • viciousdave says:

    Huh, no Target does not have the authorization to deny there 10% team member discount, you can use it on anything in the entire store at any target. But wait, here's more bad for you. You start somewhere, can you get somewhere else? NO, not at all. They say no you have to be perfect at your current posistion before you can be allowed to do any other job. I said well why in the hell did mcdonalds let me go from frys to burgers, to dish washer, to meat cooker? They let me go everywhere except cashier cause the menu system sucked and I didn't want to. Oh no, ETL says no we don't do it that way all jobs are different, you took this job, now you do what we say? I said what you say? I said what in the hell, this store is wrong on every single level, hundreds of people being scam artists everyday saying over 10k items are wrong price, people scaming us saying hey I was suppose to get $5 dollar card with that, scam artists who say the're target app didn't work for 3 to 5 off. Tons of tons of scam artists and free loading shit heads who want everything free with coupons, red card, target app cartwheel, target app coupons, change of 10 different items prices, WTF? When is target gonna wake the fuck up and realize that they are losing over $5000 dollars in every single store every single day?

  • Silverfox says:

    People can't read lol

  • AG says:

    target does require you to get a redcard in order for you to use your 10% discount unless you're paying with cash. I thought it was complete bullshit since I knew I would only be working seasonal -- ended up pulling out cash every single time I went on my lunch break


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