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August 11, 2012 - notfair29

Thank God Im not the only one and its not just my store!!!!!!!!!!

I started working at one of the Madison Wi, stores in the fall of 2008. When I started I was very happy. the ETl’s and TL’s were amazing and very nice and truly cared for the team or atlest they did a very good job faking it. As the years pass we lost all but one ETL and all of the Tl’s and the store just seamed to go to shit!!!!!!! I started off as a TM. then a Electronics SP then when they did away with that title I became a Electronics TM. I have always practicaly been running the electronics and toy Dpt. doing basicaly TL work, just not coachings or bussness walks. I have shown quality work time and time again. I have even been a Great Team Hero twice. and have worked with AP with Apps and recoverys and have been sent letters from corp saying what a great job I do for the company. But when go for TL or GSA, I am told time and time again we dont thing you or ready or other bullshit like that, then we hire from outside some one totally “green” like my last TL who I basicaly had to Train myself, who then left after 4 months because she was going back to school and they did not want to work with her hours that she would be going.  In this time I have comunicated my issues i have had with fellow workers not doing there job as well as a TL of Plano who on countless ocasions has haft assed his work/pawned his work onto non Plano TM’s/ lied to ETL’s to save his ass, and even told a girl that she would not be getting hours cuz she is prego. I comunicate over and over on the things that make my ability to do my job harder and im blown off time and time again. we in just the past 2 months have had 4 TM’s and 6 TL’s quit do to the Bullshit. I would not even have came here if it was not for what happend today.  A GSA postion had just opend up and the ETL of that Dpt told me I should go for it and she even said ” I think you would do great” so I went ahead. Today I was pulled into My ETL’s (hardlines) office and basicaly (not in her words but what i got from what she said) told me that im not ready for that type of role unless i shut my mouth and let them keep sweeping the bullshit under the rug. She even went as far as to say that I cause drama and that im to emotional. Um No im a hard worker and im calling your bullshit and you dont like it. I feel I am being discriminated for speeking my mind and challanging them on things that are clearly not being taken care of such as, acountablility, fareness, ext ext.  plz tell me im not alone


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  • target_slave says:

    You are definitely not alone. I don't know if you read my submission I put in a few days ago about how my co-worker applied for a Team Lead position. He's kind of like you, calls management out on their bullshit, and he was told he only "has potential" to be a team lead. But he already WAS a TL for a few years at another Target, left, then came back to the company. It's obvious they don't like him 'cause he doesn't kiss ass.

  • Hate_Me says:

    You are most DEFINITELY not alone. I can tell you right now why you're not being promoted. It's because you aren't a fucking sheep like the rest of your co-workers who kiss ass, keep their heads down, and act like robots. Target has a certain type of person that they like to promote. Their bullshit about 'hiring from within' went out the window a long time ago. They would rather hire someone as green as grass and pay them the bare minimum than promote you and give you that $3 raise for becoming a TL. It's cheaper for them to even save a dollar on that new person. That being said, you mentioned your attitude that they claim you have. Perhaps you have one, perhaps you don't; I don't know, since I'm obviously not there. But even if you have a minor attitude, that is not the kind of person Target promotes. If you've ever bitched to your TL's or other higher-ups about anything to do with other workers, then you can write off a promotion. They don't want people who actually complain and try to get them to rise up off of their fat asses and go actually coach someone. Say that you go to your TL, ETL, or whatever and you say, "Johnny's not working hard enough, he's leaving his work for other people, lying, etc." Your higher-up is going to be thinking, "Shit...seriously...I have 'soooo much' to do. I mean, gosh, have you seen this ad walk I have to do?? It's gonna take me at LEAST twenty minutes! Then I have 7 hours and 40 minutes left to uh... uhhh... uhhhhhh.........." The point is, they'd much rather spend the day figuring out how to stay busy without actually doing anything themselves. Thus, when you complain about someone else not doing their job, you're essentially describing your TL's or ETL's own work ethics. Do they want to seriously go confront a lazy ass person, when they themselves are a lazy ass? No. Because getting up from their desk, or Food Ave, or whatever, is much more work than they want to put forth. Not only that, but to coach someone, they have to write up paperwork...even if it's not an actual write-up. TL's and ETL's are way too lazy for that shit. The only time they'll coach/write up someone is if someone has pissed them off because they're not bending over and taking it up the ass like they want them to. So give up that cause...your bosses are typical lazy asses who won't do shit for you. They want you to stop complaining (even though you have every right to) and just do the work yourself if someone else leaves it behind.

    Also, not getting promoted.... I transferred to a different store after working at the first one for 3 years. When I came to my new store, I brought their Apparel & Accessories visit scores from consistent Red's to consistent Green's in one fricken month. They made me the "Unofficial Team Lead" of A&A. Yes, they actually called me that. So when they asked me to coach an individual who was fucking around not doing her job, I did...because I knew the TL position would be opening soon, and they'd told me it was mine. So I coach this dumb bitch in a professional manner...and what does she do? Goes and tells on me for being a 'control freak'. What happens then? They coach me for coaching her. Hahaha. Fucking LAME.

    Ugh, I could go on and on and on about Target. But the point is, get the fuck out of it. You will never succeed there if you already haven't, working as hard as you apparently do. They've already obviously made up their minds about you, and trust won't change. Each TL and ETL has a binder in their desk or cabinets somewhere. You should look for it some time when that person's not working. (Trust me, it's easy to do...I did it plenty of times). In these binders are pages and pages and pages of Team Member's names. Flip to your name...there will be notes, typed papers, etc. stating everything your TL or others has seen you doing that they don't agree with. It's literally a book keeping track of every time you've rubbed them the wrong way. Human Resources has one, too, and you are allowed to ask to see it. I saw mine, and there was stuff in there even saying how I didn't finger space 3 racks in Apparel one time, and they credited it to a 'bad attitude about my position'. Haha Fuck Target. Just leave.

  • goatface says:

    Not alone at all. At my last yearly review, my Senior Team Lead told me that I was perfect for a TL position. I got excellent scores in almost everything, I'm a hard worker, my fellow team members like me, and I'm not a complete dickwad. I went for an open TL position, and I was turned down for exactly the same reason. Apparently giving feedback on serious issues that have a huge effect on the entire sales floor or telling ETLs "I don't think that's very reasonable" is considered a bad attitude.

  • thomas says:

    It is interesting that the only companies that have these websites against them are the ones that pay their employees minimum wage. Tell these companies that either you pay us what we want or we are out. Oh wait, you cannot do that because they will get some other dumbass for the same low wages. You people are being expoited when you should be exploiting the bosses. Demand to be paid decent living wages. Demand to have a union and make these mfers listen.


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