Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

October 23, 2014 - starrbright

thank god I wasn’t hired lol

ok so I had 2 interviews with target one phone and one in-person, anyways during my store interview I was interview by some young recently college grad white girl name Erica. she played that fake role “oh hi how are you doing you ready to do this?” replied “of course I am” so we begin the interview she asks the typical questions…why do you want to work for target? what are your weakness? etc…with my 5 years customer service exp I thought I answer the questions very well…but to me she seem like she didn’t like me or she was too arrogant, (not throwing the race or hate card) I think I was discriminated on my race and sex. seems like she was jealous of what I don’t know. I think she was intimidated by me…when the interview was over she ask if I had any questions I said “yes” so I ask…how long have you been working for the company and what do you like about your job?….she had the nerve to tell me she only been working for the company for 6 months?? wooow what the fuck? why do team leaders decided who gets hired or not I’m very confused. But I’m not trippen…reading all these comments made me realize she only did me a favor..I take this rejection as a card to my thanks target !! I will continue to shop at WALMART!! 




  • Silverfox says:

    I hear ya, Walmart is better than target in employee treatment lately and that's saying something.

    • TargetIsTheNewWalmart says:

      You know things are bad with Target when Walmart begins to treat their employees better than Target does. That's really bad. In fact, Walmart is now considered a much better place than Target. Target is to this decade what Walmart was in the last. A trashy store that treats its employees like shit and promotes itself to the lowest common denominator.

      • Silverfox says:

        All the public awareness about walmart and how they treat employees has helped a lot. Plus the chinese communist govt strong arming walmart into allowing unions in walmart china, I think has somewhat mellowed walmart. There were two walmarts in canada that successfully unionized but then voted to be non unionzed again due to having to pay union dues. Can't see that happening at tarshit anytime soon. Or tarshit wanting to expand into china. OMG the horror! They'd have to allow the "nasty" unions in!

        Who the heck wants to shop at target when they pay their employees peanuts and they pretend they are better than walmart?

  • trashtalk says:

    I shop at Wallmart, can't afford Target prices on Target pay.


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