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July 23, 2016 - WishItWasBetter

Terrible training program.

I applied to target about a month ago, and was hired two weeks ago. Last week was my first two days being trained as a Flow Team Member. I was super excited as I have worked in retail before, and couldn’t wait to be on the other side of the walls. Plus, I actually like to organize things and make them look better. Anyway, I showed up at 3;55am my first day and was waiting with a huge group of people by the time clock. None of them said Hi or acknowledged me nicely, they mostly just stared. Not a big deal, then I finally meet who is going to be training me. She is just a normal team member and is about 45 years old and 100 pounds soaking wet. One of those “I cant stop moving until the world ends” type people. I’m not trying to be mean but that is exactly how she is. I noticed within the first five minutes that she wasn’t scared to put people in their place, not even the ETL. She pretty much complained -in front of me- to the ETL that she had better things to do in electronics and huffed and puffed about me shadowing her. She didn’t like having to stock groceries apparently.

At first I thought, okay I get it. Maybe she wasn’t supposed to be training me, and it is just last minute. I then am taken to the backroom, where I will be unloading the truck. I expected a FULL tour of the backroom. Because it is huge, there are a ton of different positions working back there during the day, and I’ve never worked in one. I was basically told which boxes go on TWO palettes. Therefore, I only knew where two different items went. I would think that they would tell me what all the palettes mean so I can try to help out more. At the end of my first truck, the ETL came up and asked how I was and I said, “fine! Im just getting used to it but I feel pretty good. The truck went great I didn’t feel like I was behind or anything.” My Trainer then came up and said, “yeah, it was pretty slow” in THE RUDEST tone of voice you can use in front of someone. I mean she was complaining. I’m sorry it is my FIRST day, no need to be so negative. We then go out to stock the groceries and that was fine I felt great about it except that this Trainer kept talking about how “this person doesn’t do their job”, “person A and person B are intimidating so don’t ask them questions if you screw up, they will just get mad”, “This is highly wrong of me to do but the person before didn’t do it right so I have to take the shortcut”, ECT…

At first I kept telling myself that it will get better she is just crabby today stuff like that. She even bitched at me because I didn’t know how to work my locker. At the end of the day we are working on breakout and she just keeps going off about how no one does their job. Co- workers would walk by and she would be like ” like him- he doesn’t care. he gets lazy at the end of the day because he just wants to go home”

At the end of my first day I was still minutely optimistic only because I have been suffering with severe anxiety for the last 2 years and it is my rule to not believe my first judgment on situations. I came to work for my second day and, Surprise! I’m with the same lady again. I went up to my ETL to see where she wanted me , my ETL told me I would be following the same lady. Then,  this Trainer came in right at 4 am. She took about ten minutes to keep walking back and forth acting like she was preparing for the presidents arrival or something really important, when she finally came out with nothing different than a box cutter. Trainer lady went on to ask if she will be in electronics for the day and the ETL said “we will see I want you to have our new employee follow you again” and my Trainer started bitching about how she needs to get into electronics because of all these HUGE and DETRIMENTAL issues, that mostly sounded like an excuse to get me off her back. So the ETL turned to me and said “well I’m going to have you start off with the Trainer and then she’s going to go off to electronics.” Okay people it is my SECOND day. I know where a whole 2 things go off the truck, and I barely know what to do next. Okay I finished stocking my area but now what. So I just thought it was unfair that I have to be alone because some rude lady wants it that way. I swallowed my anger and anxiety and went on with my day. I did fine by myself thanks only to someone who had no idea who I was and still helped me better that this other Trainer lady. So in the last half of the day I am back being paired with this same trainer and we stocked batteries, she was rushy and would say “okay you get energizer c4” and literally right after say “where are the AA 20, can you hand me them please?!” like I was supposed to know that is what she wanted or something. As I read this it sounds really stupid but honestly she would tell me to stock an itenm and then maybe 5 seconds later yell that she wanted me to look for another thing for her or say things like No! I want you to go put this on back stock.  I mean I was constantly having to play catch up in my head like “okay she wants me to do this-no wait no I have to get her these oh- wait yeah she wants this done.” Not fair to a new employee! I shouldn’t have to feel like I need to be as good as she is, or better which probably still wouldn’t be good enough for her. Finally it was getting to be my last hour of my second day which was starting to feel pretty good, when she started talking again about how “See now we are going to have more to do because so and so didn’t do it right” just BITCHING about everything except her own job performance. So its 15 minutes until I get off and she says “so are you okay with staying late” and I said “yeah.. that’s fine..” hoping she says just kidding or something cuz im pretty sick of everything by now and then she’s like “yeah if you don’t have enough time to get your stuff done just start taking five minute lunches” I mean I would do that sometimes if it was a really busy day or something but don’t just tell me on my second day that I should take five minute lunches just because your an anal bitch who needs everything done her way.

I mostly feel like this lady just should not train new employees. (Possibly not even work. Ever. At all.) She is rude and negative. Someone who makes you NOT want to come back. I called in on my third day due to an anxiety attack related to having to work again with this lady who made me feel like a piece of shit. Today was my fourth day and I actually got up, got dressed, and drove the 20 miles to my target and sat there until 4 when I finally left because I couldn’t make myself go in, fearing my day would be filled with more negative comments and even less helpful training. Should I still try to go back and talk to someone about my experience or should I just quit?



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  • TargetSucks says:

    To be honest, I only read the first couple sentences and the last one. But that gives me all the info I need to answer your question, because the answer is always yes. Yes, you should quit working at tarshit.

  • Nergal says:

    Some stores have better management, others, like yours, are filled with bitter and angry people who try to bring you down with them with all their negativity. Sadly, they only act that way because everyone is too afraid to speak out, talk to HR about how degrading and disrespectful some leaders are. Target likes to promote itself as a team driven company but team work is nonexistent. Be ready to work twice as hard to make up for the fact that target likes to understaff, something my store practices everyday.

    Honestly you're in for nothing but disappointment. My advice, if you value your time and have bills to pay, you are looking in the wrong place.

    • viciousdave says:

      I've had problems at my Target like this post here. Even the HR guy is hating on me. He's always like well we can't move you to another area. You did something terribly wrong, yet I did nothing wrong or broke anything or said something bad to a guest. IDK what it is but people have seemed to hate me my whole life and yes I'm shy, but so what, that doesn't mean I'm bad. Yet the HR says well do it better. They don't even understand that I have a huge hearing loss for 4 years now. They just say oh you'll be fine staying as cashier. Ya and say what more than 100 times a day. I have hearing aids but also have tinnitus ruffling of all noise that comes into my ears. Target is washed up never gave a shit about anyone but the ones who are kiss buts.

  • Redday says:

    Sounds like our store. I have had people thrown on me to "train" without my proir knowlegde, and I'm not a trainer or a "Brand" member. We just recently had a girl that worked in the store 2 days "training" another new employee!! Dumb!


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