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July 22, 2017 - Dante05m

Term’d for a flip flop joke

After about a month working as an electronics team member, my lease was up at my apartment and, because I don’t drive, I decided to move into a new place close to work. A month later, after finding a place a short walk away, blowing my savings on moving and furniture (much of which I bought from target) I was told by the fucking target-themed barbie doll In HR that I was being terminated because I had “insulted a guest’s financial status”.

I had been joking around with a guy in his mid 20s and the mobile team member for a few minutes when he started looking at a $2000 dollar tv. The mobile team member asked if he was interested in the TV and I (admittedly stupidly) said “oh he doesn’t want that TV he came to target wearing flip flops” the guy apparently got offended and told the LOD. Now this guy was obviously fairly wealthy and typically I joke around a bit with my younger male guests.

Now upon Barbie from HR, (young, attractive, and plastic) told me that because I was in my first 90 I could be termd for this, I was forced to humiliate myself and share a big fucking secret.

I have mild autism, usually it doesn’t affect me much and I’ve overcome most of my symptoms but sometimes in high stress situations in my life, (like moving) i can say little stupid things without thinking, as part of my diagnosis is a lack of social filter. After admitting to this and literally bawling my eyes out in the office, I was told to go back to the electronics sales floor and she would get back to me after speaking to some higher ups in HR.

2 days later I was told I could keep my job if I got proof from a doctor about my diagnosis. This was humiliating enough, but after some complications regarding the retirement of my primary care doctor, I came in to target 2 weeks later for my closing shift with the paperwork, only to be told by barbie that I was being termd for “unrelated performance issues” I do my job well, never had another guest complaint, and had tons of positive feedback from guests (none of which was ever recognized, and simply swept under the rug during the time i was getting the paperwork, probably to make firing me easier) and I hadn’t even had a slight complaint about anything I was doing by the LODs in 3 weeks, and before that it was just that I got distracted talking to mobile.

I was handed the last of what they owed me for my work, about 500 dollars in cash…not a check but cash, and sent home.

In short, I relocated and dropped all my savings to work for this company, who decided my social awkwardness was a liability, and made up some bullshit to drop me that wouldnt get them in trouble. I am now a penniless, 19 year old college student who can’t pay his fucking rent for the second month I’ve lived here. Talking to the ADA about a discrimination lawsuit, if I’m going down I’m gonna do it with a big middle finger to target.


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  • TargetSucks says:

    Sue them. You summed up target perfectly; they pretend to care until it doesn't suit them anymore.

  • MrSharkNasty says:

    I have a hard time believe they paid you in cash. Business like to keep records in case any problems arise. TAXES! UNEMPLOYMENT! LAWSUITS! Remember that doctor note they required of you? Yeah DOCUMENTATION! Big business simply do not pay in cash, not legally anyways. So I'm calling BS that they paid you $500 in cash. Which makes the rest of your post questionable. If you work in an at will state they can fire you with or without cause, you'd be wasting your time filing a lawsuit. You also have to prove your story over theirs and I doubt you can. They will lie tooth and nail with DOCUMENTATION. Your comment directed at a paying customer about his attire an income was extremely immature and unnecessary that alone would get any lawsuit you file thrown out(I promise you Target documented it and it's in your file.) Autism doesn't give you a free pass to do whatever you want. Don't get me wrong Target is the worst and a terrible place to work, but that doesn't mean you're an innocent victim. Customers/guest can be nasty and those who are give it right back, but Targeting guest and cracking jokes at them will always be a great way to get fired by any retailer autism or not.


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