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October 31, 2017 - Pissedoffcashier

Term’d for attending a funeral.

As the title says yeah I was fired for attending a funeral. I had been a employee for Target for just a few days under 6 months. Only called out maybe twice the entire time I was working there. In the middle of my 5th month my grandfather had taking a turn for the worse and on my day off I went to see him in the hospital where he passed away. 15 minutes after his passing I went out to the parking lot and called my store I was able to speak to my assistant team lead who completely understood the situation.

I was supposed to be at work the next day but I called out while talking to my team lead the prior day. They were worried and thought I had suddenly quit. When I explain to them what had happened my front end manager tried to push me to come in a day after the only thing I ever had to a father died. I explained to her that I took the next few days off because I had a viewing and a funeral to attend. She then decided to call the other team lead that had been on duty to confirm this because she did not believe me. She flat-out called me a liar when I first told her. I don’t understand what I did to piss her off because I had no other issues with any other team lead including her until this.

Now before I continue further into this story let me explain myself and what kind of employee I was. I was a front-end cashier who cleaned out bathrooms took care of my go-backs and my hangers constantly. I did everything As Told and instructed to the T. A few of my co-workers gsa’s and team leads would praise me for my work. I had the highest count in red cards for new employees. My red card count before I left was 35. That’s not saying much for most stores but our store was one of the lowest stores to bring in red cards. We were short-staffed and a lot of people had to pick up extra Slack are carts guy did five different jobs all the time. Our cart guy would clean out bathrooms take care of carts run Cafe be a cashier on demand and run self checkout along will doing carry out and running the customer service desk. Honestly the guy deserved a GSA position. My first two months at the store were tiring but I did pretty well I had to teach myself because my trainer taught me nothing. I was literally giving a book and left alone with it. I did okay with the help of a couple different gsa’s I was able to make my place in the store as a cashier.

In my third month a new GSA was hired on and for some reason and I still have no clue to this day she hated me. She would turn me in for the smallest things. The other gsa’s that were on duty would notice her Turning Me In for having low bags or when we were empty in the store not checking certain areas while I was working on my zones in my area. I would Zone card rack with trading cards and what not doing my job. I was pulled back into the front end team leads office and written up for not doing my job even though I was doing my job. There was a point that the store was empty and I went to tie my unlaced boot and she turned me in for not being at my register when in fact I was only kneeling. That time I was lucky enough just to get a coaching.

Eventually things kind of calmed down there would still be the occasional turn in but a lot of other employees turned in this GSA for attacking them on a personal level and turning them in constantly. Luckily are lead team members caught on.

After that things really calmed down and the only things I would have to deal with we’re being ignored when I needed an override for selling alcohol I was just under 21 so there were certain things I still couldn’t sell.

Alright so back on to the subject. After I got my schedule squared away with all of my team leads I was able to attend the funeral. The problem was my front end team lead That was supposed to put in the paperwork was longtime friends with the GSA that constantly turned people in including me. So she never put in the paperwork for my short time off and the day of the funeral I had 17 calls left on my phone by my store. The following day I went into my store to talk to my store team lead who understood what the circumstances were and why I was not at work. A team lead that was not present during the meeting about me attending the funeral was not aware of everything but I was still written up as no-call no-show.

After a horrible meeting with my store team lead and my front end team lead who did not put in the paperwork and was present during the meeting I was forced to return to work on Father’s Day. Luckily I had one of the gsa’s that I got along with . After two straight hours of people asking me if I was going to spend Father’s Day with my dad or grandfather I ended up losing it at my register. My store team lead luckily was the one that I called the day of my grandfather’s passing was there and my GSA both saw what happened and pulled me into the back and told me to just go home and that it was way too soon for me to be back.

I returned two days later as my schedule said I was supposed to i worked two very long weeks doing almost non-stop work with only a two days off both being wensdays.I came in on my usual monday schedual (10:00-6:00). The team lead on duty who had been gladly writing me up pulled me in and said I should consider giving my two weeks because I’m not being a good employee bringing in the sales or the red cards I disagreed and I returned to my register after our little meeting. That day I brought in 10 red cards just to try to prove myself. At the end of the my shift I was pulled back into the office and convinced that I should take some time off and not quit. I signed a paper being an idiot and not reading what it was. It turns out it was a termination paper. I returned the following night after finding out that my grandmother’s brother was in the same situation as my recently deceased grandfather and that they would be leaving  state for his final few days.

At this point I was under the impression that I would be returning in two weeks to work after my shift was over. So that was perfect timing for everything to be happening. Unfortunately at the end of my shift I had to give up my badge and was escorted out of the building with my final paycheck being sent to me almost 3 weeks late and was heavily shorted. When I tried to call corporate they said my hours matched up and they read my hours back to me they did not match up with the piece of paper that I had printed from work stating that I had worked over 65 hours in two weeks while their paperwork said I had only worked 50. I was allowed to come in and work a full 2-week full time schedule and I was shorted almost $150. I had worked long shifts like this before and never had it been this severely cut the most I had ever worked in 2 weeks was 65 hours and that’s including the okay from team lead to work that amount of hours because of our short staff I was allowed to work OT for cashier shifts.

So yeah the two things I have to say about Target is never work for them and fuck the target Corporation they are backwards they are twisted and they don’t care.



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