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August 13, 2018 - LOLs247

Team Trainers are now called “learning mentors”

So, I was in the break room and I noticed the wall of team trainers which has my picture and name on it, which has said team trainers for years…now says “Learning Mentors” like you’d see in an elemary school…Arrrrgggghh! LMFAO!!!!! Wtf??? Is this a workplace or a F’N Kindergarten class?? Younger sibling that just started asked me what a “Learning Mentor” was.. Lol kinda demeaning.. worked there for years just to be called a Learning Mentor, like I’m just here Volunteering my time teaching everyone just because its fun..  Not that they ACTUALLY let me train antyone anyways, I can’t remember the last time I trained someone but if I ever do i’ll be sure to tell them I’m their “Learning Mentor” and make sure they color inside the lines…


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