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February 28, 2011 - kfield

Target treats employees bad

My son was fired from Target after working there for 3 years.  He has a BS degree in Criminal Justice and worked in loss prevention.  He was never written up or reprimanded.  Because a “quest” was caught taking a pair of pants and started yelling in the store that he was going to lawyer up, my sons manager decided to take the side of the “quest” instead of watching the video.  I guess my son will have to lawyer up!




  • DLord227 says:

    I was let go from a security job years ago when i chased a guy who stole a pair of shorts from a surfer shop in the mall I worked in when I took him back to the police I was informed hes the son of a judge and he wanted to talk to me on the phone when I told him he needed to teach his son about the law instead of getting him out of trouble he created I was let go the next day. So its not just a Target thing its a Take what you want if you know someone that can get you over. Good luck to your son I hope he breaks them.

  • targetbendsmeover says:

    It because these big asshole corporate companies don't want to press charges on thieves, why because they might look like a greedy company that throws a fight when they lose five bucks. Sadly enough they are big greedy fucking companies who want money and treat their workers unfairly to even get more money.
    They hire security people to help with theft, but then fired them for trying to stop them. To me this is bullshit Target just punish the asshole customers that stole form you. Anyway Americans know that you a greedy company and all you want is money so look like the big assholes and punish you thieves and let target security do there jobs.


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