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October 22, 2019 - amandaf111

Target suckles at the teat of Satan

Thank God I finally got the fuck out of the hellhole’s anus’ hemorrhoid which is…Target fucking Corp. But now they have fired my partially disabled friend for basically having a disability. Fuuuuuck them. I wish we could enact revenge on these assholes somehow. I thought about unzoning an entire store or “accidently” breaking shit but that really only hurts the employees. Maybe go and pile a whole bunch of meat in the bottom of a cart and shop backwards putting a bunch of clothes and shit on top. Then just leave it in Softlines. That ought to hurt ’em a bit. But, my better judgement takes over. I just wish we could punish these fucking dickwads so hard, but legally and with integrity.

This modernization sounds like a pussy, shit-for-brains, dickfuck idea. What a bullshitty way to go about business. Promise to pay $15, but suck your will to live out through your ass by expecting you to do the work of 3 people or more. Expect More Work, Pay Less Hours should be the employee store motto. They want you to be “experts” and other gay-ass titles. No offense to gay people. Hell, gay people would think these are gay-ass titles. Target really are a bunch of pussies always trying to do things “different”, and it always ends up being a clusterfuck.

When I started 6 years ago, it wasn’t too bad. I’d work hard, get props for it and go the fuck home. I never cried or got too stressed. It’s fucking retail, one step above fast food…maybe. They make it out like it’s the most crucial job in the world, up there with brain surgeon and air traffic controllers. It’s fuuuucking Tarshit. Pulling you own shit, backstocking, price changes?!! What the…fuck? I used to go in, do go-backs and help guests and zone a bit in the day in Hardlines, or in Market, fill a few things and then simply zone however far I could get. That was it! And that is what it should be. I was a closer. Now, they want you to be a fucking expert doing price changes and all of that Team Leader BS? WTF? I got out JUST in time.

My poor friend probably got a gift from God getting fired, but I feel for her. She has fucked up vision, anxiety and has broken both of her wrists in falls. She can’t drive. Those fucking dicks fired her without even writing her up ONCE. She was doing her damn best up front for 3 years. That has GOT to be grounds for legal action. I can’t let this stand. She’s like a daughter to me. Fucking CEO an his big fucking ideas to save Target. Yeah, at the expense of the employees. How are they still finding people to work there?

I will tell anyone and everyone to shop somewhere else. I wish we could make this website huge so that everyone could find it and no right-minded person would apply ever again at Target. There are always a fresh crop of innocent lambs to sent to the slaughter I guess. High school kids, minors…oh yeah the minors, that’s where they are mining from now. Mining minors. Class Act Tarshit. I wish we could hurt them like they have hurt us and our friends. Putting them out of business would be sweet. I’d love to see Target go the way of K-mart. Fuck you Target and your gay-ass terms, titles and other stupid shit. Modernize THIS!!!

Love and Kisses,

A grateful girl who has her soul back being away from you.


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