Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

April 26, 2016 - roaring

Target really sucks when…

  1. When you’re a TM in hardlines but get called to back up all day/night and then get criticized at the end of your shift for not completing the zone or reshop
  2. When the electronics TM calls out and you are expected to cover the shift, while knowing close to nothing about electronics and getting made fun of/mocked for it by management and not getting the same pay rate
  3. When you say you don’t mind helping out the plano team from time to time but then get scheduled for plano for half of your shifts, while not getting the same pay rate
  4. When you see a bunch of one spot stuff in your reshop carts up at guest service, so you always make sure to sort out your own carts
  5. When you put one spot and check lane items in the appropriate box and you see the TM working at guest service put them back in your cart
  6. When the lady at guest service doesn’t want to salvage the items you bring up so you do all of them yourself so you don’t have to hear the complaints
  7. When you get more red cards than management yet management still badgers you about them
  8. When you are pushing CAFS and you notice that the items you’re supposed to put on a certain peg hook is already occupied by a different set of items that don’t belong there because the flow team still thinks it’s okay to flex and you have to fix the mistake and backstock the items that don’t belong
  9. Same as #7 except when you are zoning as a hardlines TM
  10. When customers get furious with you because you don’t know much about cameras, tablets, Apple products, and etc.
  11. When customers get furious with you because you are not an expert on vacuum cleaners and blenders
  12. When customers ask, in disgust, your Spanish speaking coworker why you’re working there if you cannot speak Spanish
  13. When customers complain to you about expensive prices
  14. When one of the ETLs/STLs/TLs calls you on the walkie all day/night so you can do stuff for them
  15. When you turn off your lane light and customers still come to your lane
  16. When you make legitimate complaints to your ETLs/STLs/TLs and they tell you that they can’t do anything to help and that nothing will change
  17. When an ETL/STL/TL gets jealous because you helped a different ETL/STL/TL with setting up an end-cap (seriously?)
  18. When you get stuck with sales planners as a hardlines TM in the morning while there is a bunch of reshop to do
  19. When you get awarded team member of the month after only working there for a short period of time and you get hated by other team members and start to feel bad but get confused as to why they’re jealous because that award is bullshit and another reason for management to treat you like a slave
  20. When you tell the kid who has had a crush on you since you started working there that you’re not interested and that you have a boyfriend but he continues to pursue you (it’s not enough to report for harassment…yet)
  21. When this same kid went around calling you a cold heartless bitch because you rejected him
  22. When you’ve reported this because you were agitated and your ETL ‘jokes’ with you, “Stop making it hard on my team members” and you tell your ETL to fuck off if he’s not going to be helpful
  23. When you tell the market ETL that you can’t help out in certain sections of market because you have a severe gluten intolerance and she mocks your intolerance out of spite because no one wants to help her out in market
  24. When you can’t pee in peace without someone asking you why you weren’t responding on the walkie
  25. When you turn off your walkie during your half and you come back to the floor and a TL is asking why you weren’t responding to the walkie calls
  26. When the backroom smells like poo
  27. When no one is on the floor until 5:30PM and you have to back up on cashier until then…on your CAFS shift (leaves little time to complete)
  28. When no one is on the floor until 5:30PM on a weekend day and you have to repeatedly pull items from the back room for customers until then…on your CAFS shift (leaves little time to complete)
  29. When there are so many locations for one item
  30. When a customer tells you, “but a friend of mine told me they bought it here” over and over again when you are 100% confident that target doesn’t sell it because you’ve been asked about this item several times
  31. When you are in the middle of lifting something very heavy and a customer demands that you help them immediately
  32. When, in general, customers treat you like a slave
  33. When customers leave drinks and open food stuffs around the store…why…
  34. When kids are bouncing balls and riding on the scooters and shit when you’ve already told them not to
  35. When you start to have nightmares about someone calling your name on the walkie
  36. When an STL yells at you for laughing with another team member while doing work
  37. When management wants to “prepare” for higher-up visits by asking everyone to take more time to properly zone for a week…to be disingenuous about what this target normally looks like and the issues that this target normally endures…to avoid conflict and to avoid addressing the issues
  38. When you’re expected to be able to do last minute overnight shifts for the plano team


In other words, target really sucks almost all the time… I am actively seeking a better job…


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  • MrSharkNasty says:

    "#8 When you are pushing CAFS and you notice that the items you’re supposed to put on a certain peg hook is already occupied by a different set of items that don’t belong there because the flow team still thinks it’s okay to flex and you have to fix the mistake and backstock the items that don’t belong"

    Exact opposite at my store. Flow team members would never flex, however, people during the day would. It would crate major problems for the flow team. I never understood it because working retail 6 years prior at home improvement store they would have never done such idiotic stuff. Nothing worst to get freight in to fill it then be slowed down because of flexed stuff everywhere and I mean everywhere, not just the endcaps. EVERYWHERE. Regardless Target is ran by a bunch of clueless people who have no business running a store.

  • Nergal says:

    As a CA I don't really suffer much from your list, but I do agree with you on #37. I remember some higher-ups were scheduled to inspect our store on short notice (apparently) and they asked me to tidy up the cart attendant room which houses essentially all chemicals for restrooms alongside toilet paper, paper towels, bags, etc and they specifically and almost threateningly told me to not leave the mop resting on the floor or else they'd be fined for it (something I was never told about). Naturally, I complied with their request but it's funny how they do everything in their power to avoid issues and only ever trully care about rules and regulations when fines are being handed out.

  • FkTrgt says:

    You left out the best ones.. #39 when only 4 registers work out of alllll the others. #40 when TL's spend an hour talking about their twitter and instagram feed and never bring change when needed. #41 when "guest" at self checkout ask you why you cant pack their bags for them. * rubs temples furiously* .


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